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United States Exotic Cunning Midterm Exam Please total the exam in a unmarried engagement instrument and upload that instrument in the midterm exam assignment on Canvas . Be knowing to vindication the unmarried gentleman or untrue investigation at the end. This criterion is open bulk, but you may not trial succeeding a while anyone else in completing this exam. I. Multiple Choice (10 x 1 apex = 10 apexs)    Select the best vindication for each investigation. 1. Which is not one of the superior theories of US Exotic Policy? A. Realism      B. Stoicism C. Liberalism D. None of the above 2. After World War I, Woodrow Wilson endorsed the organization of what interdiplomatic organization? A. The United Nations B. International Telecommunication Organization C. North Atlantic Treaty Organization D. League of Nations 3. What was the substance standpoint of American Exotic P olicy during the Cold War? A. Appeasement B. Containment C. Isolationism D. Enlargement 4. After the American Revolution, American exotic cunning was geared towards: A. Avoiding exotic entanglements B. Increasing mode to exotic markets C. Building a established legion for the defense of the nation D. Expanding democracy globally 5. One of the results of the Civil War on US exotic cunning was: A. A established soldierlike choice of exotic insinuation B. Expanded turn for evident destiny C. A weakened status succeeding a whilein the interdiplomatic comm unity D. Favorable tariffs for the industrial North 6. The Kennan Sweepstakes were: A. Game hypothesis applied to Cold War Exotic Policy B. A concerted trial to establish the trajectory of US exotic cunning succeeding the Cold War C. The usurpation of representative wars in the contai nment of communism D. An assumption of US global dominance 7. The principal ’s exotic cunning energys glide from A. Article II of the US Constitution B. Article III of the US Constitution C. The United States Exotic Cunning Act of 1810 D. The Bill of Rights 8. Article 2(4) of the UN Charter: A. Creates the basis for the entire application of rational uprights B. Lays out the organization of the UN Security Council C. Establishes the upupright to indivisible and collective stubborn defense D. Is a allowable inhibition on the use of security by states 9. The Anti - ballistic Missile Treaty sought to dishearten nuclear war by A. Increasing the estimate of strategic nuclear arms B. Setting up inorganization exchanges among t the United States and the USSR C. Limiting the estimate of strategic nuclear arms D. Limiting the estimate of defensive weapons to strategic nuclear arms 10. The fancy of a “new globe order” is associated succeeding a while which principal? A. George H.W. Bush B. Bill Clinton C. George W. Bush D. Barack Obama        II. Short Vindication (5 x 10 apexs = 50 apexs)    Answer each investigation in 1 - 4 se ntences. 1. What is the Bush Doctrine? 2. What is the Monroe Doctrine? 3. Why is Marxism calm?} an dignified hypothesis for underestablished exotic relations? 4. What is American exceptionalism? 5. What is fresh energy? III. Essay Questions (2 x 20 apexs = 40 apexs) Se lect two investigations and vindication in essay contrive. 1. Explain the origins and unravelling of the Cold War using at least two of the superior theories used to explain US Exotic Policy. 2. How does the edifice of oneness play a role in US Exotic cunning? Give examples. . 3. How has the United States ’ use of interdiplomatic soldierlike insinuation open in the years following the Cold War? How has the United States framed the legitimacy of its insinuations? 4. Which hypothetical paradigm best explains the United Sta tes irruption of Iraq in 2003? Why? 5. Is the United States an Empire?    Why or why not? True or False 1. I possess not traditional to anyone else encircling the conte nt of this criterion or accepted succor from anyone else in completing this criterion