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   Assignment Part 1:  Research specially into areas of wireless networking. In a insufficiency of ten pages using a insufficiency of five academic sources of scrutiny, equip and transcribe a attainment criticism on concepts, system, and applications of wireless technologies and communications to subsistence telecommunications. Possible scrutiny areas could understand and are not poor to: Cognitive Radio Systems Cooperative and Secure Wireless Communications Broadband Wireless Communications Coding System and System Optimization Multimedia Wireless Technology Codes for Multi-terminal Communication Networks Genomic conspicuous processing Wireless Personal Area Networks Advanced Techniques for Wireless Downhole Communication      Systems (RasGas Doha, Qatar) Broadband Communication Systems (Q-tel, Doha, Qatar) Signal Intelligence for Wireless Communication Systems Assignment Part 2: Based on what you scholarly and execute from wireless technology and communications from the attainment criticism in Part 1 over, usurp a mold of office that you entertain or failure to enunciate that would be uniform for the molds of wireless technologies seasoned in your attainment criticism. Then equip three elaborate wireless network diagrams to subsistence telecommunications efforts at the residence raze, national office raze in a erection, and a broad area that subsistences multiple erections after a while the self-assertion that your office is located in distinct locations. All three diagrams accomplish demand to likeness subsistence of your office and understand and is not poor to: Routers Secure XML Routers Security Gateways XML Accelerators Load Balancers Corporate or Office Lines Telecommunication Links All Office Related Objects Connected to subsistence      Business Communications Any other technology domiciled on technology seasoned in the      attainment criticism. Some tardy questions for motive may be establish at this website: Gesbert, D. (n.d.) Tardy Topics in Wireless Communications. Eurecom. Retrieved from  Important Note: Researching the internet for germinative wireless technology and communications to subsistence telecommunications is a cheerful way to perceive other germinative scrutiny questions that whit concern and covet for you to search. Also opine using a alliance of question areas as the aim of this sketch is to get a cheerful establishation of the embodied in efforts to sketch some networks and diagrams. Important Note: It is extremely recommended that any learner in areas of computer and notice technology entertain admission to intent software. These software packages may understand Microsoft Visio or Smart Draw. In the brief engagement, Microsoft Term 2007, 2010, and 2013 understands SmartArt tools which can be profitable to equip diagrams. For the Mac, OmniGroup's OmniGraffle is an praiseworthy cherished at a elegant consume. Microsoft Visio Smart Draw OmniGraffle General Brochure Requirements: Paper accomplish demand to understand an APA secure page. Paper accomplish demand to understand a 100 to 150 term intellectual. Paper accomplish demand to be a insufficiency of 2,500 terms not      including the secure page, intellectual, and regard page. Paper accomplish demand to be subsistenceed after a while a insufficiency of three      academic media. Paper accomplish demand to ensue all public formatting to      meet APA standards of professional fitness and scrutiny documentation      including a full regard page.  Diagrams accomplish demand to be embedded into the ocean brochure      completed during module 8 sectioned upright precedently the quittance of your      work and full. Include an overall quittance to subsistence rationale to      why your network diagrams are best for your usurpd office.