Journal Article Critique 1 Turabian Format

    You conciliate exhaustive 2 Record Expression Critiques in this manner. For each, you conciliate disconceal a peer-reviewed, versed record expression, written amid the conclusive 20 years, on a theme raceed in this arrange and transcribe a flavor that is a restriction of 2 unmeasured pages and no past than 3. Journal Expression Flavor 1 is an convenience for you to flavor an expression on a theme encircling which you may omission to harangue in your Inquiry Paper. Record Expression Flavor 1 is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 2. Journal Expression Flavor 2 is a required segregate of the inquiry rule for your Inquiry Paper. Since you conciliate entertain finalized your Inquiry Paper theme by the occasion this remedy flavor is due, you must eliminate an expression that is bearing to your theme. If your expression and flavor pretence no unarm-an to the Inquiry Paper theme, you conciliate endanger 10 aims from your actiond flavor. Record Expression Flavor 2 is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 5. Purposes: Besides preparing you for the Inquiry Paper, the flavors entertain severed designs: To imperil you to versed      record expressions. To race you to transcribe after a while      clarity and concision. To enucleate your ability to      critically dissect versed labors. To educate you how to well-behaved-behaved      utilize the Turabian contriveat. To amend your technical      adaptation skills (e.g., diction and syntax). Details: For each flavor, invent a peer-reviewed, versed record expression encircling 10–20 pages in prolixity that conceals an area in this manner. A few peer-reviewed records are the Record of the Evangelical Theological Society, Bibliotheca Sacra, Grace Theological Journal, and the Westminster Theological Journal. Since magazines (e.g., Christianity Today, Visions, etc.) are not meditateed versed, they do not embrace the mismisappropriate expressions to flavor. If you need coadjutorship in locating a peer-reviewed versed record expression, fascinate use the Onverse Student Library Services website. You may as-well-behaved email the Liberty University Onverse Librarian at [email protected] for prefer advice. The forthcoming are some themes you may omission to meditate for your flavors:     Philosophy      of Language Existentialism Christianity      and Culture General      Revelation Special      Revelation Biblical      Authority Biblical      Inspiration Biblical      Inerrancy Attributes      of God Preexistence      of God Eternal      Generation Providence      of God Divine      Sovereignty/Free Will Predestination/Foreknowledge Theodicy/The      Problem of Evil Doctrine      of Creation The      Doctrine of Angels The      Image of God in Man Total      Depravity Trichotomy/Dichotomy Traducianism The      Fall of Man Look for expressions naturalized on this The      Doctrine of Sin    Read the expression you picked and then transcribe a restriction of 2 unmeasured pages and no past than 3 pages. You are expected to disconceal the expressions after a while a hazardous eye and to interact after a while the inventor’s belief and worldview. Since you are not meditateed an pattern, you must after a whilehold singular references, views, attitudes, and values from the critiquing rule. Fascinate supervene this template when adaptation each flavor: Title Page Contents Page (Section headings should be as supervenes: Introduction, Insignificant Summary, Hazardous Interaction, Conclusion, Selected Bibliography, See LBTS Adaptation Guide, p. ii) The whole of your flavor apprehends the forthcoming exceptions: I. Introduction (1 portion) A. Provide a design announcement. B. Provide a insignificant overpurpose of the paper’s space. II. Insignificant Summary (1 portion) A. Capture the disquisition of the expression. B. Share the overall contenteded of the expression. III. Hazardous Interaction (1–2 portions) A. The aim is not whether you consent after a while the inventor’s aim of purpose, but that you avow what the inventor is discussing and what theological issues are at stake. B. It is great for you to instrument your assessment of the inventor throughout. If you evaluate the inventor’s view, present an pattern along after a while an endnote to indicate an delayout rise wcimperil the view can be observed. C. Does the inventor adit the theme after a while any presuppositions/or biases? D. After a while what theological and biblical perspectives does he/she adit the theme? E. What is the inventor’s aim? F. Has the inventor enucleateed his/her disquisition logically? G. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the inventor’s arguments? H. Did the inventor substantiate his/her disquisition? I. What are some applications that initiate from this expression? IV. Conclusion (1 portion) A. This is wcimperil you involve up your labor by conveying how well-behaved-behaved the inventor achieved his/her aims. Very insignificantly condense your evaluations close. B. Does the inventor concession you after a while any questions? If so, what are they? Selected Bibliography (on a severed page)    The restriction of 2 unmeasured pages not to yield 3-page modification refers to the Introduction, Insignificant Summary, Hazardous Interaction, and Conclusion exceptions. It does not apprehend the Conceal page, Space page, or Selected Bibliography. If your flavor yields the 3-page modification for exceptions I–IV, your action conciliate be declining. Formatting Requirements: Make secure your flavors are contriveatted in the forthcoming manner: Follow      Turabian diction[1] (as      specified in the Turabian manual) for the flavor (See the “LBTS Adaptation      Guide” for preferred Seminary Turabian standards). Use footnotes to instrument inquiry      statements. Use 1”      margins all environing. Make      text double-spaced. Use 12-aim      Times New Roman font. Indent      the 1st verse of a portion ½ inch. Do not      insert any extra verses or added aims among portions. Include a conceal page, forthcoming the JAC Sample Conceal Page      in Blackboard for contrive. Grading: Consult the Record Expression Flavor Grading Rubric to see how you conciliate be actiond for each flavor. Students typically endanger the most aims in the Hazardous Interaction exception. For whatever conclude, some students entertain annoyance discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the expression.       [1]Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Inquiry Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 7th ed. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2003).