Primary Task Response: Among the Discussion Board area, transcribe 400 signification that rejoin to the subjoined questions delay your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This achieve be the substratum for forthcoming discussions by your classmates. Be substantial and free, and use issues to restore your ideas. Part 1  A medley of legitimate factors, legislative statutes, lawful themes, and interpolitical precepts must be fascinated into importance delay the formulation and project of homeland safety (HLS) policies and belief. For this assignment, emwhole the subjoined: Provide an issue that highlights the tangible tightness betwixt safety and defence, and betwixt freedoms and courteous liberties. What observations can be made delayin homeland safety governance to consider coordinated or fragmented exertions despite the council interagency players? How is generally-known decision-making and governance impacted by oneness of exertion, oneness of direct, and strategic communications?  Part 2 There is a big whole of lore and there are separate planning documents delayin the arena of homeland safety. In your plight consider separation, you achieve be identifying the organizations, responsibilities, and jurisdictions most slight to impart and instigate homeland safety importances, conjuncture outlining the biased persomal, narrate, and federal organizational textures that keep been systematic domiciled on sufficient and impartal equities in the articulation soldierly, multi-agency, and cross-governmental environment. Be unfailing to tally the subjoined questions: What are the organizational textures in locate delayin the Department of Homeland Safety (DHS), the Department of Defense (DOD), and close interagency actors that settle the generally-known homeland safety framework? How does this texture cascade down and form organizational constructs at the persomal, narrate, and regional levels? Are the organizational textures currently in locate at the generally-known-level complementary and supportive of persomal, narrate, and regional exertions? Explain why you hold this.