Fundamentals of Manufacturing Processes

The American University in Cairo School of Sciences and Engineering Branch of Mechanical Engineering Fundamentals of Manufacturing Processes Overview Review Questions 1. What are the dissentences betwixt original, induced, and tertiary industries? Give an issue of each predicament. Answer. A original diligence is one that cultivates and exploits cosmical instrument, such as farming or mining.A induced diligence takes the outputs of original industries and converts them to consumer and consummate pi. Examples of induced industries are textiles and electronics. A tertiary diligence is in the benefit sector of the administration. Examples of tertiary industries are banking and advice. 2. How are effect multiplicity and effection part cognate when comparing regular factories? Answer. Generally effection part is inversely cognate to effect multiplicity.A factory that amounts a extensive multiplicity of effects get amount a smaller part of each. A concourse that amounts a uncompounded effect get amount a extensive part. 3. Define manufacturing talent. Answer. Manufacturing talent refers to the technical and embodied limitations of a manufacturing stable and each of its places. Three categories of talent enclose technological disposeing talent, embodied extent and heaviness, and effection talents. 4. How does a shaping dispose dissent from a demeanor disposeing influence? Answer. A shaping dispose changes the geodesy of the toil embodied (machining or forging). A demeanor disposeing influence does not modify the geodesy, but instead modifys the properties and/or arrival of the demeanor of the toil (painting or plating) 5. What is the dissentence betwixt a dispose layout and a effect layout in a effection pliancy? Answer. A dispose layout is one where the recordry in a place is stereotyped grounded on the mold of dispose it concludes. To amount a effect it must mark the branchs in the dispose of the influences that must be manufactured. This frequently encloses extensive tramp removals among the place. A dispose layout is frequently used when the effect multiplicity is extensive the influence superveneings of effects are unlike. A effect layout is one where the recordry is stereotyped grounded on the public stream of the effects that get be amountd. Tramp removal is dejected consequently effects get publicly stream to the next record in the superveneing. A effect layout toils polite when all effects aid to supervene the identical superveneing of effection. Multiple Choice Quiz 1. Which of the superveneing industries are classified as induced industries (three chasten answers): (a) beverages (b) financial benefits, (c) fishing, (d) mining, (e) susceptibility utilities, (f) publishing, and (g) demeanor? Answer. (a), (e), and (f). 2. Inventions of the Industrial Revolution enclose which one of the superveneing: (a) automobile, (b) cannon, (c) printing express, (d) fume engine, or (e) sword? Answer. (d). 3. Do ferrous metals enclose which of the superveneing (two chasten answers): (a) aluminum, (b) mien vigorous, (c) copper, (d) gold, and (e) steel? Answer. (c) and (e). 4. Which one of the superveneing is a record used to conclude extrusion: (a) shape stammer, (b) milling record, (c) rolling mill, (d) express, (e) torch? Answer. (d). 5. A effection planning and restrain branch conclude which of the superveneing functions in its role of providing manufacturing living (two best answers): (a) designs and disposes record tools, (b) develops oppidan strategic plans, (c) disposes embodieds and purchased calibre, (d) concludes temper inspections, and (e) schedules the dispose of effects on a record? Answer. (c) and (e).