Discussion: Psychological Aspects of Aging

  Theories of lucky aging expound factors that aid individuals as they develop old, contributing to their power to operation. Increasing your interpretation of factors that aid lucky aging improves your power to discourse the needs of primeval clients and their families. To fit for this Discussion, retrospect this week's media. In restitution, picked a doctrine of lucky aging to adduce to Sara's predicament. Parker Family Episode 2 Program Transcript PARKER: Ever past my mate died, there's been no one to confabulation to. It's right, unquestionably, no one. And when Stephanie is residence, I right impress so quaint. FEMALE SPEAKER: What about the day courage you go to? Isn't that promotive? PARKER: I don't affect it. What makes me unquestionably impress good-natured, though, is when I go shopping, buying things. And my kittens. I benevolence my cats. Oh, accept you seen them? I accept pictures. Right interest a face. Look! These are so cute. My babies. FEMALE SPEAKER: Yes, they're very cute. And wow, you accept a lot of them.  PARKER: Oh, well-behaved, it's their residence, too, not right Princess Stephanie's.  FEMALE SPEAKER: The day program you're attending, are you visibility a  psychiatrist there?  PARKER: Yes. Dr. Lewin.  FEMALE SPEAKER: May I ask how that's going?  PARKER: He says that I'm inglorious.  FEMALE SPEAKER: In the pictures you showed me, you right confabulationed about the  cats, but I as-well saw all the things you repress encircling you, the hoarding. I comprehend how inglorious you been past your mate passed loose. How quaint you've felt. [SIGH] But I would affect us to try and set up a sketch to inaugurate to discourse the hoarding. It's very acquitted that that's one of the big issues that's important your relation after a while Stephanie and your vitality concomitantly. Can we try that? PARKER: I don't affect it when we struggle. She's quiescent my baby, too. Yes, I neglect to try.   References to use   Clark, E. (2018). Loss and suffering: The role of gregarious operation. Retrieved from http://www.socialworker.com/feature-articles/practice/loss-and-suffering-the-role-of-social-work/ Fisher, C. (2018). Counseling connoisseur: Children and regret. Retrieved from https://ct.counseling.org/2018/11/counseling-connoisseur-children-and-grief/ Zoll, L. (n.d.). A regret trajectory. Retrieved from https://www.socialworktoday.com/news/pp_063017_5.shtml By Day 3 Post a Discussion in which you: Explain key vitality events that accept influenced Sara's relations. Be firm to assistance what makes them key in your perspective. Explain how you, as Sara's gregarious operationer, strength adduce a doctrine of lucky aging to her predicament. Be firm to prepare aid for your management.