W3 ethics la1

W3 ethics la1  Business Ethics and the Individual    Overview: People are sprightly to say that it is not the trade that did bad things but the persons who run the confirmation.  This week’s force is the probation of ethics from the special’s perspective in the workplace.  What holy behaviors should the special evince? And what behaviors should the special await from the trade? Also examineed are divers matchhither 21st century holy issues oppositeness the special in the workplace. Theme 1:  Knowing Your Own Values and Ethics Read/View: Do The Right Thing: Making Holy Decisions in Everyday Life What Are Your Values Identifying Your Values (Priority Test) Living Your Values (1) Living Your Values (2) 27 Psychological Reasons Why Good-natured Persons Do Bad Things Theme 2:  Unique Holy Issues for the Individual Below are divers of the most spirithither and contemporary holy issues that employees aspect in the workplace.  Read/View: Whistleblowing: Redefining Ethics Snowden and the Ethics of Whistleblowing Employee Behavior Standards in the Workplace Should Companies Monitor Their Employees Social Media Common Holy Workplace Dilemmas Moral Issues Oppositeness Employees Question   Activity #1: Making the Case One of your readings for the week, “27 Psychological Reasons Good-natured Persons Do Bad Things”, looks at a calculate of examples where arguably good-natured-natured persons are aspectd delay challenging holy situations and interest perchance a hither than holy specimen in reaction thereto. For this motive you are to fine 3 of the examples and examine whether you consort or disconsort delay the consequence or blank. In your examineion I insufficiency you to create the most compelling arguments you can to indoctrinate and convince me that your apex of apprehension is the improve one. Is there anything in your prize rule that leads you to your apex of apprehension?