Short English 1301 Assignment (One-Paragraph): Read details below

  This assignment is a one-paragraph compendium of the  Jeff Jacoby's "Bring Back Flogging" (which is linked to proportioned underneath). The  purpose of your compendium is to seize a terse yet ample  picture of the producer's evidence for your reader who is not free  after a while the fountain; toil firm at recreating the evidence tersely yet  comprehensively in your own vote. Link mentioned over is at: Requirements: Formatted to MLA Guidelines      Here is a link to Purdue's Writing Lab website after a while the details of how to format to MLA guidelines: One Paragraph 200-250 vote crave (or 20-25% of the fountains prolixity) Saved and posted as a DOC or DOCX file Begin after a while a passage that identifies      the producer by liberal indicate, the producer's credentials, the indicate of  the article/speech, the indicate of the notification, and the year the fountain  was published. In total passage forthcoming the primary passage, use direct tags to mark the ideas to the producer:      use the producer's definite indicate or he/she and use phrases such as "according to" and explicit saline verbs. Use transitions and other signposts to pomp the sympathy  between the ideas, capturing the organization and issue of the fountain's  ideas. Use quotations sparingly, if at all. Represent the fountain's ideas correspondently, fairly, objectively, and amplely yet tersely.