Questions of Values and Ethics

Answer questions  APA style 2 Reference cover page 1-which of the subjoined behaviors may be (1) incorporeal but unfair, (2) lawful but unethical, (3) unfair and unethical, and (4) lawful and incorporeal. A. Working in a clinic that performs abortions   B. Respecting the wishes of a client suffering from ALS that he be generous to die after a while good-manners and not placed on “breathing machines”   C. Respecting the heartiness surrogate’s wishes concerning effect of vitality patronage of her adherent    D. Observing a coworker use out two tablets of oxycodone as ordered for denial address for his enduring but maintenance one for himself, administering merely one tablet to the enduring. 2-differentiate inchoate the subjoined: deontological theories, utilitarianism, and principlism.    3-what do you judge encircling heartiness-care professionals disclosing knowledge to clients encircling a unsatisfactory prognosis, level though the knowledge may action rigorous vex.   4-What do they judge encircling heartiness-care professionals disclosing knowledge to clients across lineage wishes? 5. You see a adjutant use another nurse’s password to entrance the medication government manner and use out a opiate. What would you do?    6.Your adjutant’s branch waste and was brought to the exigency line. She comes tail up to the item and teachs you that they cleaned and debrided the cut, and she needs to veer the dressings twice a day using a wet to dry manner. You see her go into the afford manner and depart the dressings and important using a enduring’s identification enumerate. What would you do? 7. You are caring for a enduring who has a ultimate disorder. He asks you if he is latter. Would you teach him? If yes, how? If no, what force you say?      8-You are administering hydromorphone to a enduring. The enduring asks you what you are administering. Would you teach the enduring encircling the medication?