Questions of Values and Ethics

Answer questions  APA style 2 Reference cover page 1-which of the subjoined behaviors may be (1) holy but illicit, (2) legitimate but unethical, (3) illicit and unethical, and (4) legitimate and holy. A. Working in a clinic that performs abortions   B. Respecting the wishes of a client disinclination from ALS that he be clear to die after a while seemliness and not placed on “breathing machines”   C. Respecting the sanity surrogate’s wishes concerning achievement of existence livelihood of her chum    D. Observing a coworker obtain?} out two tablets of oxycodone as ordered for suffering address for his enduring but maintenance one for himself, administering barely one tablet to the enduring. 2-differentiate unarranged the subjoined: deontological theories, utilitarianism, and principlism.    3-what do you ponder encircling sanity-care professionals disclosing instruction to clients encircling a faulty prognosis, well-balanced though the instruction may creator cruel harass.   4-What do they ponder encircling sanity-care professionals disclosing instruction to clients across race wishes? 5. You see a companion use another nurse’s password to avenue the medication administration regularity and obtain?} out a anodyne. What would you do?    6.Your companion’s child cut and was brought to the difficulty function. She comes end up to the item and rehearses you that they cleaned and debrided the mortify, and she needs to vary the dressings twice a day using a wet to dry arrangement. You see her go into the give regularity and eject the dressings and illustrious using a enduring’s identification reckon. What would you do? 7. You are caring for a enduring who has a marginal malady. He asks you if he is perishing. Would you rehearse him? If yes, how? If no, what command you say?      8-You are administering hydromorphone to a enduring. The enduring asks you what you are administering. Would you rehearse the enduring encircling the medication?