Policy making in Data Privacy and Security with technology advancements.

    Growing concerns on Facts Solitude and Guard delay technology advancements.      Some of the dares commence owing of the facts deployments athwart incongruous processing devices approve IoT acception the exposure of Facts breaching. The dare in overcast computing is to determine the guard of the storage and advent to this facts to shield its entireness, confidentiality, and verity suitableness promoting availability delayout residing on topical servers (Tari, 2014). This tractate discusses sundry contingency studies on the dares and how the policymaking encircling facts solitude and guard is relevant for stakeholders.  Are these enormous initiatives and discovery directions in big facts, IoT and overcast computing feel investigate policies to shield the confidentiality, solitude and facts guard?  I'm posting my relation IEEE tractate less and i scarcity the end effect congruous to approve that but not that key. 1500 utterance atleast. Also experience congruous resources.   https://www.ojphi.org/ojs/index.php/fm/article/view/8166/7211 s