1.   Your tract accomplish be 10 liberal pages, including footnotes.  Not 9, not 11.  Why 10 pages, you ask?  It is in-effect harder to transcribe a 10 page tract than it is to transcribe a 15 or 20 page tract.  You must be plain and escape the imply that is frequently contained in longer tracts.  What is imply?  Imply is extra “stuff” that reasonable contents pages but adds scanty or no estimate to your tract. 2.   Importation (10%):  Your importation accomplish not be longer than two pages. 3.   Thesis Statement: (10%):  Immediately behind your importation, you must bestow a plain material-substance proposition.  In simplistic conditions, a material-substance proposition is the deep material-substance of your tract that tells the reader what you suggest to imply succeeding in your tract.  You must message your material-substance proposition, as follows:  “My material-substance proposition is . . . .”  The material-substance proposition should not be longer than two sentences, and normally one is adequate. 4.   Road Map (5%):  Immediately behind your material-substance proposition, you must contribute a plain route map to let the reader perceive where you are going delay your tract.  Message your route map, as follows:  “My tract accomplish highest little inquire . . . , followed by . . . .   Finally I accomplish stroke my material-substance by . . . .“  Your route map should be simply a few sentences, but it must be plain. 5.   Setting (10%):  Next, contribute a inconsiderable but plain setting of your material-matter.  This may simply be one page or short. 6.   Argument/Defending Your Subject-substance (50%):  Now we are at the pulp of the tract, strokeing your material-substance proposition.  This must be at last five liberal pages, and you must use your inquiry to stroke your material-matter.  This is the hardest sunder of your tract, and this is where you deficiency to rendezvous your era and energy.  Why?  This is where students trip in their Capstone theses (I don’t medium literally trip, but they risk a lot of material-matters).  Students either bestow scanty materials or they bestow no materials at all.  You accomplish bestow plain materials, attended by your inquiry, to stroke your material-matter.  Last three material-matters in this area --- (1) Conclusory propositions must be attended delay your inquiry; (2) Do not use bitter vernacular which amounts to narrowly an theory, such as:  “Those who influence excellent amercement are idiots.”  (This in-effect came from a student); and (3) You deficiency to content in flaunting gaps.  For development, one student’s whole material-substance implyd that the disengagement of church and recite article in the Constitution was misinterpreted by the Supreme Court and that creed should be in schools, legislation, etc.  The flaunting gap was, dedicated the student’s materials, what did the disengagement article medium?  This was not addressed. 7.  Conclusion (5%):  Conclude your tract in one page or short. Finally, a few other material-matters: 1.   Grade:  The grading rubric for each exception of your tract is highlighted overhead (in yellow).  As you can see, 50% of your tract is the material exception, which is why I say it is your deep rendezvous. 2.   References/Proper Use of The Bluebook OR APA (10%):  You must use a minimum of 15 erudite relations.  You may use a relation past than unintermittently, but it quiet simply counts as 1 of the 15.  Erudite relations are not Wikipedia, blogs, or broken-down websites. 3.   Formatting:  Double illimitableness your tract and use a 12 material-substance font of your select.  Do not conceive a name page, pictureless, endnotes, or bibliography/relation page.  4.   Topic:   Select a material-substance of cause to you.  If you don’t reach vehemence for the material substance, select another material-matter.