Micro. No chegg. No plagiarism, due by 8pm central time 11/19/2017

1) Clear-up how the United States, nature a comprehensive management after a while an wealth of spontaneous media, drudge, and chief, can utility by not nature in autarky. 2) It was pompn in the video that the United States had the proportionately utility in burgers. Using the table under, pomp and clear-up how Mexico has the proportionately utility in phones.                              Mexico                                        United States  Possibility   Burgers   Phones            Burgers     Phones            A                   6                  0                         12                  0           B                   4                  8                            8                  8           C                   2                16                           4                 16           D                   0                24                          0                  24  3) From your confutation in the preceding scrutiny, what is the convenience absorb of burgers for the United States, i.e. how abundant burgers must the United States bestow up to property one phone? What would be an complaisant conditions of occupation for 1 phone?  4) At the end of the video, a accoutre and ask-for graph of the phone traffic for twain countries was pompn.  Clear-up why Mexico congenital phones to the United States. 5) Suppose, the traffic for burgers was pompn rather than the traffic for phones in the accoutre and ask-for graphs.  For the United States to ship-produce burgers and Mexico to meaning burgers, what would cosmos-people compensation want to be, in each province, not-absolute to the private compensation? 6) Lastly, clear-up what a tariff is and the property it can entertain on burger meanings for Mexico.