Discussion 3

Discussion 3   "Job Applicants" Please corcortally to the following: Examine two ways that companies can invigorate competent job applicants. Particularize which mode may be most effectual and prognosticate how it could behoof the congregation when hiring new employees. Go to O*Net Online’s Website and re-examination at lowest two (2) unanalogous avocation descriptions. Next, collate the two clarified avocation descriptions. Recommend two changes to frame the avocation descriptions further interchangeable. Get examples to foundation your recommendations. Be fast to get details of the avocation descriptions in event others lack to use them. Discussion 4   "Employee Testing" Please corcortally to the following: Evaluate the likenesss of employee proofing that companies may exact that are discussed in the citation. Particularize the two proofs that you deduce the most grave. Foundation your forced. Go to Human Metric’s Website and admit the Jung Typology Test™ (pattern of the Myers Briggs sameness proof). Next, ponder your proof results. Particularize whether you value this likeness of sameness proof is profitable to an form. Foundation your composition. Discussion 5   "Employee Performance" Please corcortally to the following: Go to SAS’s Website and re-examination the behoofs offered by this congregation by scrolling down to the intermediate of the web page and clicking the "Benefits" tab. Next, particularize whether or not these likenesss of behoofs would motivate you as an employee for a long-term commitment. Foundation your forced. Determine whether or not these behoofs you re-examinationed could form further of a neutralize between lineage and effort. Get at lowest two examples to foundation your forced.