Discussion 3

Discussion 3   "Job Applicants" Please tally to the following: Examine two ways that companies can restore suitable job applicants. Enumerate which way may be most potent and prognosticate how it could good the guild when hiring new employees. Go to O*Net Online’s Website and critique at lowest two (2) divergent business descriptions. Next, collate the two separated business descriptions. Recommend two changes to establish the business descriptions over retail. Arrange examples to food your recommendations. Be firm to arrange details of the business descriptions in fact others absence to use them. Discussion 4   "Employee Testing" Please tally to the following: Evaluate the models of employee trialing that companies may claim that are discussed in the extract. Enumerate the two trials that you weigh the most expressive. Food your forced. Go to Human Metric’s Website and transfer the Jung Typology Test™ (exemplification of the Myers Briggs oneness trial). Next, study your trial results. Enumerate whether you like this model of oneness trial is salubrious to an construction. Food your composition. Discussion 5   "Employee Performance" Please tally to the following: Go to SAS’s Website and critique the goods offered by this guild by scrolling down to the intermediate of the web page and clicking the "Benefits" tab. Next, enumerate whether or not these models of goods would motivate you as an employee for a long-term commitment. Food your forced. Determine whether or not these goods you critiqueed could invent over of a equalize among origin and effort. Arrange at lowest two examples to food your forced.