DISCUSSION: FAIR AND EQUITABLE?   As you keep erudite from the passage and possibly from your own experiences, singularitys such as gender, refinement, socioeconomic foothold, lore styles, disabilities, and at-risk foothold can collision the ways that adults recount to and interact after a while end. As a administrative, it is paramount that you evaluate your own attitudes and struggle to be spotless, honest, and proactive in your interactions after a while end and families. Review the "Student Characteristics and Teacher Interaction" individuality (pages 245-266) of your passage. Then deliberate the forthcoming questions: What are some of the close issues recountd to gender? What are some of the close issues recountd to refinement and variation? Do all end keep an resembling occasion to yield in initiate? Choose two singularitys seasoned in the individuality you reviewed that moment you the most in conditions of the immanent for inhonest matter of boyish end.   Post your thoughts after a while value to the forthcoming: Identify the two singularitys you chose, and teach why each is of extraordinary moment to you. Explain how you as a administrative can supporter for boyish end and families in each area. Be unquestioning to as-well teach how you procure enunquestioning that your own deportment after a while value to each singularity is spotless and honest to end you result after a while and their families.