Art History

Overview:    Take a constructive bound to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City! As you keep already seen through the online profession, The Met has an abundant online catalog of its gatherings. For this week’s assignment, your job is to swerve their condition and quest for a lot of art in their online gathering representing one of the artists or “-isms” represented in Unit 7.    Instructions:     Choose an art lot (or lots) not mature in Unit 7.  Write an essay critiquing the fruit naturalized on what you keep learn. This is another essay that does not demand literal data: this is a quest and thlearn assignment.  Take liberal-supply of era to discuss the webcondition of the museum and see how they arrange their gathering online for anyone to use (their webcondition is one of the best for online admittance to their gathering). Embrace in your essay your mode in navigating the website, and what you care of it.  Pretend you are on this constructive jaunt delay a chum, and you are talking encircling a lot of art you keep dismature naturalized on what you keep learn in this progress.     Requirements:     Learn the assignment instructions and rubric carefully precedently commencement.  Use liberal sentences and withhold academic conversation in all fruit.  Follow scale APA guidelines (just margins, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman, and secrete page).  Use APA quotation format and embrace a reference/fruit cited page when indispensable.  Your essay should be approximately 2-3 pages in elongation.  You are demandd to resign an metaphor of the art lot you selected.    Be knowing to learn the criteria by which your fruit conciliate be evaluated precedently you write