answer the case

Due day 2/6, impartial straightforward into the topic, so each counterpart medium  encircling 3 sentences, entirety encircling 1 page. In April 2015, CEO Dan Expiation of Gravity Payments made a loathsome assertion. Price, who is to-boot author and co-owner of Gravity, ruled to cut his own remuneration by 93 percent, and then to use that money—along after a while a big chunk of corporate profits— to determine that entire solitary one of his employees frames a narrowness of $70,000.1 The tidings was surely welcomed by Gravity’s employees. (For the lowest-compensated employees, the instruct to $70k meant a doubling of their salaries.) And Expiation was widely applauded by commentators and on political media. Price’s advance was chiefly noticeable in an era in which multifarious CEOs accept been criticized for accepting astronomically proud levels of pay. In a 2015 boundary on magistrate damages, reported,2 for pattern, that Elon Musk, the entrepreneurial CEO of Tesla Motors Inc., earned impartial balance $100 pet in 2014. But that’s far from the proud end of magistrate damages: The selfselfcorresponding boundary noted that Nicholas Woodman, CEO of GoPro Inc., had earned a whopping $285 pet that year. Criticism of CEO pay has not focused barely on the independent quantity earned, but to-boot on the relevancy of CEO pay to what those CEOs’ employees are compensated. According to the Bloomberg boundary, “The CEOs of 350 Standard & Poor’s 500 companies made 331 times more than their employees in 2013.” Some mass caress proud levels of pay for CEOs, pointing out that the proudest levels of damages are achieved through hoard options, which resources that CEOs do polite simply when the estimate of the concourse’s hoard goes up, a premonition that the CEO is really doing a good-tempered-natured-natured job. Others, still, are skeptical. As the Bloomberg boundary points out, “Stock options, unintermittently believed to align magistrates after a while shareholders consequently they estimate when the hoard expiation rises, are now derided for hopeful short-engagecourtesy financial engineering at the paycourtesy of long- engagecourtesy planning.” In other signification, hoard options help CEOs to confront short-engagecourtesy ways to boost hoard expiations (such as reducing costs by bitter employees), flush if those advances aren’t in the long-engagecourtesy interests of the concourse and its shareholders. Let’s rotate end to Price’s resolution. Divergent mass had divergent reactions to the resolution. Some applauded it as a advance inland impartialice or openness in damages. Others purpose it was a savvy interest advance, aimed at producing ameliorate outcomes for Gravity Payments by motivating employees and gaining careless currency for the concourse. Still others purpose it spoke polite of Price’s character; to them, Expiation contemplateed relish what a good-tempered-natured-natured CEO ought to contemplate relish, in similitude to the egotistical CEOs of so multifarious other companies. questions: 1. Do you consider Dan Expiation is a philanthropist? Why or why not? 2. Are there any elevate basis that you would omission to perceive precedently making a judg- courtesy encircling this event? 3. GravityPaymentsisprivatelyownedbyDanPriceandhisbrother.IfGravitywere a publicly traded concourse after a while thousands of shareholders, would that shift your purpose encircling the ethics of his resolution? If so, in what way? 4. If you were an employee at Gravity Payments, already making $70,000, how would you feel encircling employees who made half what you frame suddenly mak- ing the selfselfcorresponding quantity as you?