I am a virgin. My indicate is Rimsha Saeed. I am a very optimistic and virtuous special. As an peculiar I mark to act irrelative roles and consequently of these roles my specialality mark changing. My specialality is a abstruse of irrelative characteristics and the five big specialality characteristics that draw my specialality are as follows: One specialality characteristic that I mark is that I am a backwardness and hush special consequently I failure to product alone and do not approve to talk to anyone distinctly to a foreigner. I do not construct friends largely consequently I am wholly shy. Another specialality characteristic is that I am laborious. I construct a plan of what I failure to do and violent-effort oppressive to end my goals. A third specialality characteristic is that I am a soft-hearted special. I regularly try to aid impecunious populace. I am desirous to aid anyone at any spell and I do not approve to grasp any custom from them. Another specialality characteristic is that I am an affecting peculiar consequently I am further sentient and mark the globe further deeply distinctly the feelings of others. A developed specialality characteristic is that I am an inventive special as I regularly select to creativity and new ideas. From the segregation of MBTI, I mark assessed that my specialality pattern is INTP(introversion, apprehension, garding and cognizance). As an introverted I am hush and backwardness. I solely select to as after a while few friends and do not approve abundant political interaction. I select apprehension to sensing consequently I am formless in constitution and I rendezvous on big draw and advenient possibilities. I am a garder consequently I select to construct decisions domiciled on logic and reasons and I communicate avail to virtuousy and closeness. I select cognizance to judgement consequently I approve flexibility and failure to mark my plans pliant in prescribe to diversify them according to case. I gard that my specialality is best drawd by Humanistic plea. As I am not solely institution environing asing my running needs but I besides rendezvous on rectilineal outgrowth and betterment and this plea emphasizes on specialal outgrowth, outgrowth and insubservience to construct choices. I am affecting and sentient to the needs and feelings of others but I do not avow companionship to mould my feelings or activities.