I am a maiden. My indicate is Rimsha Saeed. I am a very optimistic and upright peculiar. As an idiosyncratical I enjoy to execute contrariant roles and consequently of these roles my peculiarality maintain changing. My peculiarality is a abstruse of contrariant features and the five big peculiarality features that relate my peculiarality are as follows: One peculiarality feature that I enjoy is that I am a cautious and pacify peculiar consequently I scantiness to fruit alone and do not enjoy to confabulation to anyone chiefly to a alien. I do not fashion friends abundantly consequently I am wholly shy. Another peculiarality feature is that I am assiduous. I fashion a scheme of what I scantiness to do and pains callous to close my goals. A third peculiarality feature is that I am a soft-hearted peculiar. I regularly try to acceleration needy populace. I am inclined to acceleration anyone at any span and I do not enjoy to seize any habit from them. Another peculiarality feature is that I am an tender idiosyncratical consequently I am over perceptive and note the earth over deeply chiefly the feelings of others. A definite peculiarality feature is that I am an original peculiar as I regularly select to creativity and new ideas. From the separation of MBTI, I enjoy assessed that my peculiarality kind is INTP(introversion, instinct, fancying and apprehension). As an introverted I am pacify and cautious. I merely select to encounter delay few friends and do not enjoy greatly gregarious interaction. I select instinct to sensing consequently I am immaterial in species and I standpoint on big represent and coming possibilities. I am a fancyer consequently I select to fashion decisions based on logic and reasons and I impart weight to uprighty and uniformity. I select apprehension to judgement consequently I enjoy flexibility and scantiness to maintain my schemes pliant in manage to exexchange them according to state. I fancy that my peculiarality is best related by Humanistic system. As I am not merely solicitude about encountering my ordinary needs but I besides standpoint on true enlargement and betterment and this system emphasizes on peculiaral enlargement, harvest and insubservience to fashion choices. I am tender and perceptive to the needs and feelings of others but I do not assign sodality to figure my feelings or activities.