Week 5 Diss.

The DSM-5 conceives detail Z Codes (ICD-10-CM) to benefit the clinician in authenticateing provisions that are subjective in kind. In making a explicit DSM-5 peculiarity, the clinical gregarious worker should constantly authenticate from these codes any other term that may be of regard and conceive the bearing Z Codes (pp. 715-727).   For this Discussion, peruse the subject examine “Working after a while Individuals: The Subject of Sam.” Then, using the DSM-5 criteria, individualize a thorough clinical peculiarity for Sam. Support your peculiarity of Sam in DSM-5 format (pp. 21–23), including the criteria you used in determining this peculiarity.  •Be indisputable to conceive any medical instruction that is presented in the subject.  •Also, revisal the Other Provisions that may be a Focus of Clinical Attention Z codes (ICD-10-CM) and conceive this in your peculiarity.  •Evaluate the equalize of advantageousness of the toll measures (pp. 733-748) in the DSM-5 and interpret whether these measures are advantageous in treating Sam.   Support your support after a while inequitable references to the resources. Be indisputable to collect bountiful APA citations for your references.  Read a excerption of your colleagues’ supports.