Lab Assignment 3: Storyboarding Due Week 3 and desert 40 points Deliverables: Storyboard Document depicting diagrams and descriptions (Web pages not certain). Complete the weekly lab domiciled on the following: •Write the command for each lab assignment. •The command is to be submitted in a unmarried sheltered folder (zip improve) to the online race shell. The improve must understand all .htm improves, along after a while any other improves that may be certain for your purpose to run (ex: quotation improves, metaphors, etc.). •When slow the improve, it should be saved as Lab_#_Last call_First judicious.htm. For issue, if your call is Mary Smith the improve for Lab 1 should be saved as Lab_1_Smith_M.htm •Any and all written answers must be entered into the online race shell after a while the acquiescence of the attached lab assignment. Follow the directions adown to perfect Lab Assignment 3: 1.Create a storyboard for a indecent (4) page Website (one (1) residence page and three (3) sub pages) and one (1) Cascading Style Sheet (.css). Using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Visio, or Dia, produce a diagram of the layout and navigation erection. 2.Explain the property that the Cascading Style Sheet (.css) conciliate keep on the Web page. There must be a minimum of two (2) exchanges. Be enduring to understand point. (Example: The Cascading Style Sheet (.css) conciliate compel the setting garbling grey and exexchange all H1 font to sky blue.) 3.Describe what the residence page conciliate contemplate affect. (Will it keep quotation? Conciliate it keep headings? Conciliate it keep an metaphor? Etc.) 4.Describe what the pristine, second, and third sub pages conciliate contemplate affect. (Will they keep quotation? Conciliate they keep headings? Conciliate they keep metaphors? Etc.)