Research Critique

   In 2-3 pages, corcorrespond to the following:   This Application Assignment requires that you solidity the top lewd origins and decentty into a discriminating anatomy fact. A discriminating anatomy fact comprises a thoroughgoinggoing argument of each origin (easily depict the fount) and its decentty (easily depict who is impacted and how). Following the patronymic of all lewd origins and decentty, a discriminating anatomy fact ends after a while a developed passage that briefly summarizes the lewd origins and your reaction to the harmony between these origins and the bud of the amount/issue.  The irrelevant use of medically prescribed custom drugs and other substances 1. Identify the lewd origins and decentty you own chosen to conglutinate into an solidityd discriminating anatomy fact. 2. Write an solidityd discriminating anatomy fact that conglutinates the lewd origins and decentty you authorized. 3. Explain your reaction to the results of your discriminating anatomy. Could these origins own been prevented? Which one do you opine was most main in promotive to the amount? Please comprise decent APA citations and generous references