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2 paragraphs each after a while references  1. "Agility and  Business System Management (BPM)" Please corcorreply to the following: Suppose that an structure did not use systemes that were calculated and built to be nimble, specially when it comes to IS / IT technologies. Predict the impression of environmental changes on an structure financially, socially, and in stipulations of survivability. A BPM pattern may succor handle and streamline IT systemes that are incorrectly manually done. Examine one work manual system (i.e., alienation regulate eulogy) and tender two BPM patterns that would re-establish the system. Particularize the IT media that you would accustom to automate the system (i.e., electronic documents instead of disquisition documents). 2. "The Impression of Crowdsourcing" Please corcorreply to the following: Dell’s Ideastorm, Best Buy’s IdeaX, New York city’s Simplicity, and Samuel Adams’ Facebook impression to particularize the direct taste of beer are a few of the examples that use crowdsourcing. From this week's video, assess whether ideasourcing generates the best innovative ideas for a matter or structure. Teach why or why not.  Suppose that you recently habitual a extensive aggregate of capital and nonproduction to endow in some mark of matter. Particularize whether or not you would use crowdsourcingto particularize the mark of matter you endow in. Predict whether the use of crowdsourcing to chosen your mark of matter would be disastrous or permissive, and teach why or why not.