infotech in global economy

The exaltation concern of big-facts computing stems from advances in sundry incongruous technologies.  Some of these include: Sensors Computer networks Data storage Cluster computer systems Cloud computing facilities Data segregation algorithms How does these technologies portray a role in global computing and big facts? Please produce your judicious support and two acceptance supports palpable. A palpable support conciliate do at meanest TWO of the following: Ask an animated, heedful investigation pertaining to the subject-matter Answer a investigation (in particular) supported by another novice or the instructor Provide comprehensive added knowledge on the subject-matter Explain, specify, or stir the subject-matter in particular Share an convenient singular experience Provide an after a whileout origin (for illustration, an word from the UC Library) that applies to the subject-matter, along after a while added knowledge encircling the subject-matter or the origin (fascinate summon unexceptionably in APA) Make an argument touching the subject-matter. At meanest one erudite origin should be used in the judicious argument continuity. Be safe to use knowledge from your readings and other origins from the UC Library. Use peculiar citations and references in your support.