ART PAPER: For the art Nursing Dissertation you must mind a professional art museum,during this prevalent semester . This is dissect of the interpolitical minority of the assort. That media you cannot use American artists but must behold at artists from Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, Australia  or  the Pacific Islands. Your Nursing Dissertation should be 500 to 600 opinion in elongation. You insufficiency to transcribe encircling two unanalogous individuals from two unanalogous genres of art from two unanalogous continents.. Genres are fields of art such as pottery, weaving, statuary, paintings, photography,.  So prime an individual from Asia and one from Africa. Or prime an individual from Latin America and an individual from Europe etc.Then you would insufficiency to recount me everything you can encircling each individual i.e. what does it symbolize? how do you representation it aesthetically, what it is  made out of, what are the colors, work, when was it made and who created it etc, Be abiding and identify the museum and scrutinize testimony of mindance and upload it after a while your Nursing Dissertation..Only use individuals for your Nursing Dissertation that are located in the museum you scrutinize.