For Ann Harris

Depression Singularity and Assessment Read the subjoined vignette, custody in inclination the moment of penetrating symptoms, and their duration and severity: Christina is a 25-year-old Mexican American woman who has been launched as an constituent initiate trainmaster late she graduated from garden three years ago. Although she does courteous at her job, she has been sentiment low incessantly late she left garden. When she took this training pose, she had to relocate to a city aggravate indecent hours detached from her parentage and the progeny she grew up in. Even though she has made some new friends, Christina quiet feels severed and retired. She is to-boot uneasy encircling her woman, who has been diagnosed behind a while a careful heartiness plight. For the late month, Christina has felt plenteous worse. She reports sentiment very sad and worn-out most of the age and is having inaptitude concentrating at employment. She says that she does not own sufficient disembodiment to achieve the things she would relish to do. She admits to aggravateeating to "unwind" behind initiate, and is uneasy she is inert too plenteous on the weekends. She to-boot has very low self-esteem, notwithstanding substance courteous-liked at her initiate and receiving cheerful operation evaluations. Christina describes her vivacity as "heading nowhere" and says that recently she has felt greatly unamendable. She wonders if she achieve incessantly feel as glad as she did when she was in garden. She does not own a fact of incessantly sentiment worse than this, and is in cheerful heartiness. Based on the knowledge presented, harangue the subjoined questions in your discourse post using headings to tally satisfied in each bullet point: What depressive quackery singularity would you revolve assigning to Christina? Describe the way you used for making this firmness, including your use of the "Differential Singularity by the Trees" from the DSM-5 Handbook of Differential Singularity (linked in Resources). Describe how the Beck Depression Inventory-II would aid in making a singularity for this client. (See page 63 ofAbnormal Psychology).  What V and Z codes would you revolve for Christina? How would including these systemic revolveations acceleration you understand Christina's presenting symptoms and revolve your matter admission?