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 Story has to be on  “Girl”, by Jamaica Kincaid   Compose an analytical essay of at smallest 1,200 words in which you adduce an definition of a erudite atom in one of the assigned narrow stories. Write your separation focusing on one of the forthcoming atoms in one of the assigned stories: Character Theme Symbolism Imagery Setting Tips for the Essay Open your insertion delay an sensational opener, such as a doubt, name from the fable, or sensational effect. Then, coalesce to the narrow fable and remark the name and the committer. End your insertion delay a discourse assertion that interprets one erudite atom of the fable (such as discourse, symbolism, or characterization). The collection conditions should livelihood your discourse. Present particular aspects of the narrow fable that aid to image your points. Make assured to name from the fable and excite particular lines that livelihood your discussion. Include a potent lowe?-t condition that summarizes your ocean points and explains the sagacity of the discourse. APA Reminder Use APA fashion for formatting the essay and for cause citations. Begin delay a name page. Include a general header, and use suited font and spacing. End delay a severed references page. Refer to the Week 1 exhortation on avoiding plagiarism for an APA essay template and subjoined instrument.