Situation 1 You are a correctional official supervising a graduation.  One of the  inmates comes to you and asks a boon.  Because he is a troublemaker,  his mail privileges own been taken far. He wants you to mail a message  for him.  You illustration it’s not such a big deal; so, you perceive he  could create your job easier by custody the other inmates on the graduation in  line. What would you inform him? Explain which religions classifications would not  admit this and why and which one would admit it, and why. Ethical Judgment: (how get you treat)  Moral Rules: (roll what 4 analogous rules you get thrive)  Ethical classification: (subordinate which religions classification(s))  Explain your conclusion using the religions classification used to reach at your conclusion.  Note: Copy and paste assignment into a instrument and use the format in the scenario over. **All assignments must be summarized in your own  words, all topic’s and key concepts must be used and establish deep  ideas/events by elaborating on passage book contenteded and other passagebook  resources. ***All writings must obviously create a sound, tenable discernment environing the rationalistic and/or deep ideas akin to the passage. ***Please do not entire any assignment outside utilizing your passagebook. ***APA Format is required.