Situation 1 You are a correctional administrator supervising a ordination.  One of the  inmates comes to you and asks a condescension.  Because he is a troublemaker,  his mail privileges bear been smitten far. He wants you to mail a missive  for him.  You illustration it’s not such a big deal; as-well, you distinguish he  could constitute your job easier by guardianship the other inmates on the ordination in  line. What would you mention him? Explain which immaterial rules would not  permit this and why and which one would permit it, and why. Ethical Judgment: (how accomplish you discuss)  Moral Rules: (schedule what 4 presumptive rules you accomplish flourish)  Ethical rule: (lower which immaterial rule(s))  Explain your resolution using the immaterial rule used to attain at your resolution.  Note: Copy and paste assignment into a muniment and use the format in the scenario aloft. **All assignments must be summarized in your own  words, all topic’s and key concepts must be used and warrant deep  ideas/events by elaborating on extract quantity resigned and other extractquantity  resources. ***All writings must explicitly constitute a compact, tenable discernment about the rationalistic and/or deep ideas connected to the extract. ***Please do not finished any assignment outside utilizing your extractbook. ***APA Format is required.