1. Critical Thinking Exercises:  questions 7-2,7-3, and 7-5. 2. Pg 244 : Biz Builder Duty Plan Questions / 7.1 Sources and Uses of Capital, A through D. Respond to questions A, B and C. For this assignment you achieve be because and chroniclesing the one-time expenses required for space your duty. You can use thisSCORE Start-up Absorb Calculator (Links to an manifest standing.)Links to an manifest standing. - download the template at the top of the name or do your own exploration for a Start-Up absorb worksheet to believe and chronicles the absorbs and items inevitable to initiate your duty.  You are REQUIRED to acquiesce a initiate-up absorb sheet using a template for this assignment as courteous as your Duty Plan!  You may entertain to transmute the categories listed on a template to frame it restricted to your duty. (Reminder: USAIIRD can be helpful!)  Provide 2-3 paragraphs explaining your gum established on the a,b c questions!  3. Merchant Confidence Cards Reexploration and acquiesce a detailed tabulation of the theme of ‘merchant confidence card accounts’ for your duty. This is the confidence card equipment/service that is required to authorize your customers to use their confidence cards to pay you. Be trusting to conceive the absorbs, requirements and restrictions, etc.? Be trusting to conceive your name or a join to the name for bountiful confidence.