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Assignment Content The university would affect to remind novices to pick-up their dimensionss at the dimensionsstore if they adopt not to enjoy dimensionss delivered. Revise the website program to cogitate the forthcoming changes: Prompt the novice for the sum of courses entity taken Use a for loop to unhesitating the novice for the value of each dimensions established upon the sum of classes entity taken After the value of each dimensions has been entered, parade the sum value of the dimensionss Prompt the user for the forthcoming shipping options: bestowal or pick-up Use an if-then-else statement to add the mandible to the sum value if the shipping mandible are senior than 0 If there are shipping mandible, parade the sum mandible and shipping date If there are no shipping mandible, parade the sum mandible and a intimation indicating that the dimensionss can be picked up at the dimensionsstore Create a 1/2- to 1-page instrument containing pseudocode established on the revised program needs. Create a 1-page flowchart established on the algorithm for the revised program needs.