Tee Jays: SWOT analysis

In manage to interpret Tee Jays new trade speculation, it is accidental to do a SWOT resolution of the collection. Strengths: The ability of Tanveer Jamshed was his creativity and his fancys. He came up after a while a quite new fancy which no one had always conclude up after a while precedently. Nobody had always care of carrying in new designs in shalwar kameez let aggravate crafty men’s shalwar kameez. Tee Jays was the one to carry in this new fancy. At that season, the British had left a hanker dureffectual impression on the beliefs of the Pakistani People. They care diminishing Shalwar Kameez was low tabulate and that solely average or low tabulate nation who could not confer to diminish palpitate shirts wore shalwar subserves. Tanveer Jamshed brought in new innovative designs in shalwar kameez which were said to be agents and yet conferable. The conspicuous tabulate and the masses could diminish the selfselfsimilar unnaturalness at the selfselfsimilar season. It had nalways happened in the truth precedently, and tranquil tnear is no agent who has made his designs subserveed not solely for the conspicuous tabulate but besides for the masses. Tee Jays is until now the solely agent who has performed so. Therefore, he has an bappoint aggravate alwaysyone else. Tee Jays ocean ability was his notional designs and new fancys for shalwar kameez which until now, no one had care of. His ability was besides his garding which was irrelative from alwaysyone else, as he had arrogance aggravate his empire and the exoteric robes sundryly nation of that season who care diminishing shalwar kameez was a taboo. (Sartaj, n. p, 2007; Isani, n. p, 2007)). Weaknesses: His ocean debility was how shabby cannonade he was putting into this unnaturalness. If he would keep formal big after a while a lot of advertisements, he would keep past far than he has past today. When Tanveer Jamshed launched he had solely 2 sewing machines which perspicuously made it hard for him to induce the masses. Apart from this, Tanveer Jamhsed had care through alwaysyunnaturalness and tnear were shabby debilityes which could over this entrepreneurship of his. (Isani, n. p, 2007) Opportunities: Substance the exoteric robes of Pakistan, shalwar kameez had an bappoint as it could not be balancelooked. It was then considered as a unvarying and was worn in sundry government offices. When Zia Ul Haq came, Tanveer Jamshed had an opening to verily grovel in the trade as he had made the exoteric robes well-founded. Moreover, PTV drama serials keep fond lot of opportunities to Tee Jays. From his earliest Wardrobe he did for a Drama Kiran Kahan he did closely 147 others. This was a big breakthrough for him as at that season when nation in Pakistan used to get verily groveld in these general drama serials. Tee Jays spoke out its creativity and title through these dramas. When Tanhayan came, alwaysyone who had watched this drama was caricaturing Marina Khan’s wardrobe purposed by Tee Jays. Hence it can be said that the ocean opening Tee Jays got was through crafty wardrobes in Drama Serials. People launched robesing up in all sorts of colors; tense slit exempt shirts became modish. Tee Jays managed to transfer the taboo which was associated after a while substance modish in Pakistan. As mentioned antecedent, girls who were a bit modish nalways got married. Tee Jays alterationized the way nation gard of shape and made it enlivening to the masses. (Sartaj, n. p, 2007; Isani, n. p, 2007)). Threats: When Gen Zia came he made it well-founded for alwaysyone to diminish a shalwar subserve. Howalways what he did not acquire is that when someunnaturalness is imposed upon nation, nation aid to cast it incompact the earliest accident they get. This is correspondently what happened there. When Gen Zia left, alwaysy one launched diminishing palpitates and shalwar kameez went in the setting. This was the ocean menace. As it went in the setting nation forgot how they had initially real shalwar kameez as substance modish robes. They intermittently considered it for the average and the inferior tabulate and went end to their norms. It became very hard for Tanveer Jamshed to set-out it all aggravate intermittently. Influence from the western cultivation was intermittently a big menace for Tee Jays. Nation prevailing palpitates past than they prevailing their exoteric robes. Howalways Tanveer Jamshed managed to siege the collection out of that belief set and was effectual to alterationize the shape diligence. (Isani, n. p, 2007) Conclusion Shalwar kameez went in the setting, howalways Tanveer Jamhsed did not incompact prospect and his collection launched pursue gin other opportunities. Today, tee Jays not solely designs shalwar subserves, but besides palpitates, shirts and other robeses. Today in the cut throat rivalry of the empire, wnear the shape diligence has evolved from nounnaturalness to hundreds of agents who keep their own shape shows etc, Tee Jays is tranquil a big call. Wining the activity season amiable-fortune assign was a big unnaturalness for this collection. (Isani, n. p, 2007) According to Tanveer Jamshed, the new universe manage has already flooded our shape trade after a while amiables. “They procure rinse out Pakistan's shape diligence. We've obsolete the trades of offspring's drapery, shoes, and accessories. It's past. The act is closely aggravate. I nonproduction to succor carry it end. I nonproduction to set-out a shape train. I keep the land; I'm planning a narrate of the art shape train in Karachi. Shape trains want to instruct creativity. They want to be a locate that inspires, not wnear the outer offers no essence. It wants to be promotive to derangement. Tnear wants to be silence, insanity. There's so fur to do near. "(Sartaj, n. p, 2007). Tanveer Jamshed has conclude a hanker way. He has alterationized the shape diligence and made it what it is today. He is not honest an entrepreneur but he is a guide who has made nation acquire and attachment their exoteric robes. Even though today he not solely designs shalwar subserves but besides sundry other unnaturalnesss, he is tranquil known as the special who brought a alteration in the shalwar subserve of Pakistan. He is verily an icon and an illustration to thrive. It was very hard for him to inculcate out his creativity to the others. As mentioned over, he nonproductions to succor carry end the obsolete trade of shoes, accessories, bags and offspring clounnaturalness which the Pakistani trade has obsolete. New amiables inculcateing in from the west and China has made it hard for nation to carry in new fancys and shape undisguised for the masses. The new agents hence up are solely catering the conspicuous tabulate and tnear is nounnaturalness subserveed for the average tabulate. Tanveer Jamshed’s biggest ability was that he not solely catered the conspicuous tabulate but his products were subserveed to the masses besides. He nonproductions to create an art and shape train in Karachi in manage to succor the new agents conclude up. He has challenged new agents to create twelve robeses which are near than 1500 rupees each. As today, robeses are far past rich and pricier and nation are tranquil buying as the mark call reflects the tabulate they behanker to, Tanveer Jamshed is tranquil not out of fancys and nonproductions to carry in shape undisguised to the masses and not solely to the conspicuous tabulate. (Isani, n. p, 2007) Like said antecedent, an entrepreneur is not honest a special who concludes up after a while a new fancy and creates a new form. An entrepreneur is a guide, who carrys innovative veers which are not solely for the betterment of the collection but besides collect the collection after a while someunnaturalness amiable. Tee Jays collectd the collection after a while a sagacity of substance a Pakistani. He collectd the collection the solution and attachment of their exoteric robes. Tee Jays has brought a drastic veer in the collection, nation who were not procureing to diminish shalwar kameez at all, were now beforehand buying sundry designs of shalwar subserves depending on their wants and the calculate of create they keep to go to. References Steven M. Sheffrin (2003). Economics: Principles in force.Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458: Pearson Prentice Hall. pp. 6 Hindle, Tim (n. d) Guide to Management Ideas and Gurus; the economist. pp77. Sartaj, Saba (2007). Heirs to a shape dynasty. The News; Instep Profile. The News. September 07, 2007. Retrieved April 30, 2009 from; http://www. jang. com. pk/thenews/oct2007-weekly/nos-07-10-2007/instep/mainissue. htm Isani, Aamna Haider. (2007). Teejay tranquil has designs on Fashion. Instep Profile. The News. August 5, 2007. Retrieved April 30, 2009 from; http://www. jang. com. pk/thenews/aug2007-weekly/nos-05-08-2007/instep/mainissue. htm