PA 315 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ESSAY   The Economic Bud Subject Examine is a two-deal-out assignment – the written paper and exhibition in systematize.  Written Paper Directions: The chief deal-out of the assignment is to transcribe an peculiar subject examine on topical economic bud and debate the role empire played in the subject. You must fulfill a subject on a topical economic bud contrivance in San Bernardino or Riverside County or in unconcealed, California as reported in newspapers, such as The Los Angeles Times, The Press-Enterprise, and The San Bernardino Sun, or from other instrument of your precious (i.e. MSN, CNN, FOX NEWS, etc.). Remember, a low-tendency origin, or inadequate notice from your origins, gain assume the tendency of your measure for this assignment. YOU MUST PROVIDE  LINKS FOR THE ARTICLES YOU USE.    Your subject examine should be approximately 750~1000 control covet. Please silence visual aids are deal-out of the virtual points for the assignment. In your subject examine, you should briefly draw the following: Introduction to the Economic Bud Case Identify the role empire played  The economic application to the community Analysis Conclusion