GenB 4330

     You achievement in the Ethics Province for ABC Union (ABC). Your province is abandoned to advising its employees environing their ghostly obligations in the urbane elucidation. You are an inside consultant who provides order and most importantly, approveations for possession to employees of the immovable. All communications you entertain in this faculty are trustworthy.  Luke, an employee of ABC, comes to you after a while the subjoined scenario and asks for your order. He wants to abundantly opine the residence. Your business is to warn and approve a succession of possession fixed on the certain ghostly lenses and facts as abandoned. Below are the facts that Luke provides to you.  *****  Luke has been asked to achievement on a scheme that involves developing intentt of-late purchased by ABC to intentt an adult relief retail treasury. According to the intent, the intentt is located on the cavity of the vicinity where Owen, Luke’s brother, lives.  Luke knows that as shortly as the intents for the treasury are made social, ownership values for the embracing vicinity obtain lower significantly. ABC intents to socially declare the scheme one month from today.  Luke is uneasy environing his obligations of trustworthyity to his union. However, Luke is besides very cork to Owen, who of-late told Luke that he entertaind an extend to retail his stock at an “okay” expense abandoned the running developed possessions dispense. Owen is opineing retailing but hasn’t made any ultimate determination yet. He wonders if he capacity get a reform extend a few years from now when the developed possessions dispense improves.  What is the ghostly consequence, why is this an consequence, and what should Luke do environing it?  *****  For assignment 2, fit a memo, elucidation out your dissection and approveations, that opines ONLY the subjoined two theories: Utilitarianism and Universal Ethics (i.e., Kant’s demonstrative obligatory).