Exam questions on Data Management

An intranet is an interior secret unfolded constructional network that can collect approximation to axioms opporesidence the execution, contrived using Internet technology and tools, and conjoined to the internet through a firewall. Intranet is a municipal LAN (topical area network) or WAN (extensive area network) and it can lean on one of them or twain. It is built on general lordship exempt plans, users, interfaces, impression measures and netstarted measures. An unreserved plans measure for despatchs is required such as TCP/IP (the transmission govern protocol/ internet protocol). Intranets arose accordingly companies realized that intranets offered diverse benefits balance transmitted notice plans. A primary use of intranets has been to engender on-line repositories of notice that can be updated amply as frequently as required. Product registers, employee handbooks, telephone directories or benefits notice can be revised offerly as exchanges arise. This "event driven" publishing allows constructions to meet balance ahead to changing stipulations than transmitted Nursing essay-established publishing which requires a stark evolution register. Made proficonsideration via intranet, instruments frequently can be up-to-date, eliminating Nursing essay, printing and dispensation consumes. Intranet is unconstrained to appliance and to use. Establishing an intranet is proportionately innocuous technologically expressive. Most race are proportionately affable delay using the concept of a web browser. Besides, the hardware, software and despatch facilities required for constructing a municipal intranet are proportionately contemptible and the render of cannonade is grater than their consume as they close growth the productivity. Conservative studies of renders of cannonade (ROIs) from intranets relishlihood ROIs of 23% to 85% and some companies entertain reputed ROIs of balance than 1,000%. Finally, it is scalable and elastic. A municipal intranet is amply grown delay exchanges in require and use, and the adaptions in it are proportionately unconstrained to close. (b) Evaluate the immanent for the use of internet technology delayin the Jeff Lloyd Opportunity Capital described below: (10 marks) With respects to our event, incongruous emblems of intranet such as despatchs, integrating and register ones could contrive balance transaction rule electronically and augment the constructional custom. The despatchs one close empower the opportunity capital to amalgamate its residence delay other constructions' residences for notice sharing; for stance, instead of displaying the promotional materials environing the character or mailing them to their members, sales and marketing staff jurisdiction use the intranet to track-manage-oversee and coordinate the activities of their sales vigor delayin the identical construction or in collaboration delay incongruous ones. Latest promotions, updates in pricing, rebates, and notice environing customers or competitors can besides be made proficonsideration delay the utilization of the intranet. Additionally, primary responsibilities of rational costlyess function grasp maintenance employees assured of collocation issues and providing notice environing employees' chronicles and benefits. Rational costlyes can use intranets for online publishing of municipal manuals, job postings and interior job transfers, collocation telephone directories and grafting classes. The integrating intranet close collect the befoulment to the opportunity capital to remove from the standing of having a capacious calculate of notice plans/ despatch plans delay incongruous interfaces to a contemptible (browser) interface. The rooted close entertain for stance booking plan, staffing plan, finance and accounting plan, sales and marketing plan, and rational costlyes plan through the integrating intranet. This close signalination in increasing the approximation. Additionally, the register intranet is salubrious for the collocation if aspiration to collect approximation to capacious register of labor notice. In this event, axiomsshameful required to efficiently discuss capacious volumes of axioms. Besides to that, the collocation needs a web page in which they can use a dynamic plan for booking online (datashameful in the web page) by utilizing new technologies. The underlying axioms measure is very dignified as it needs to adjust all of the uncertain labors emblems to be graspd. Finally, the extranet would be salubrious for the collocation too. Extranet is an intranet that is besides unfolded in portio to authorised race from beyond the organisation. Uncertain correspondentizes of approximationibility collectd via username/password mechanisms. The portioicular organisational network would be salubrious for cheerful portionerships among transactiones. For precedence, if the opportunity capital comprehend a bar, then they could use the extranet for their suppliers for the just equipment and for financial transactions too. The register intranet would empower the opportunity character to offer their labors to their members. These incongruous emblems of Intranet could collect costly set of tools for creating collaborative environments in which the members of the construction can communicate-coordinate and augment knot decision-making meliorate by exchanging ideas, sharing notice and started coincidently on contemptible plans and assignments unmindful of their substantial residuum. These tools grasp email, fax, say mail, teleconferencing, videoconferencing, axioms conferencing, knotware, colloquy plans, newsgroups and team ware. Managers can survey employee resumes, transaction plans, and municipal regulations and procedures; they can recbalance sales axioms, resurvey any desired instrument and seduce a meeting. (c) Discuss the contrarietys among static and dynamic web pages. (8 marks) The main contrariety among static and dynamic web pages is that the gratified in the static web pages doesn't exexshift unless the HTML rasp which defines the page it is exchanged. Whereas, in the dynamic web pages the gratified is generated each span the page is approximationed. Responds to user input from the browser for stance by rendering axioms from a axiomsshameful question. Additionally, dynamic pages can be customised. Finally, there are solid ways of integrating web pages delay axiomsbases. These are the forthcoming: Active Server Pages/ActiveX Axioms Approximation Objects ASP allows dynamic, interactive web pages to be engenderd on a web server popular IIS (or PWS ) In this saveion we tinyly notice some of the facilities proficonsideration to sum axiomsbases into the web environment. Microsoft Approximation collects 3 necromancers for automatically generating HTML pages established on considerations, queries, forms, or reports in the axiomsbase: Static pages: Delay this regularity, the user can ship-produce axioms to HTML format. This is the a basic readiness delay the apparent unsavoriness that the HTML page can instantly befit out of determination and needs to be regenerated whole span the shameful consideration exexshift to accrue floating. The page uses measure HTML and can be used to delay any browser. The user has some govern balance the relishlihood of the web page through the use of the HTML templates, rasps that depend of HTML commands describing the page's layout. The templates can be used to inoculate collocation logos, graphics, and other elements. Dynamic pages using Active Server Pages. Delay this way the user can ship-produce axioms to an "asp" rasp on the Web server that close accumulation the ASP rasp. * Dynamic pages, using axioms approximation pages. Axioms approximation pages are web pages jump shrewdly to the axioms in the axiomsbase. Axioms approximation pages can be used relish Approximation forms, save that these pages are accumulationd as outer rasps, rather than delayin the axiomsshameful or axiomsshameful plan. Although the pages can be used delayin Access, they are primarily intentional to be surveyed by a web browser. Axioms approximation pages are written in dynamic HTML, an production of HTML that allows dynamic objects as portio of the web page. Unrelish ASP rasps, a axioms approximation page is engenderd delayin Approximation using a necromancer or in Sketch survey employing frequent of the identical tools that are used to engender Approximation forms. (a) Give a tiny signal of your intelligence of the signal On-Line Analytic Processing. On-Line Analytic Processing is the dynamic form, partition, and conjunction of capacious volumes of multi-dimensional axioms, Codd (1993). OLAP is a signal that describes a technology that uses a multi-dimensional survey of collection axioms to collect shrewd approximation to strategic notice for purposes of tardy partition. (Codd et al, 1995) Furthermore, it empowers users to shape a deeper intelligence and recognition environing uncertain aspects of their municipal axioms through unswerving, dependent, interactive approximation to a extensive abnormity of potential surveys of the axioms. OLAP allows the user to survey municipal axioms in such a way that it is a meliorate measure of the penny measurementality of the execution. While OLAP plans can amply vindication "who?"and"what?" questions, it is their power to vindication "what if?" and "why?" emblem questions that distinguishes them from general-purpose querry tools. OLAP empowers decision-making environing forthcoming actions. A normal OLAP care can be balance deep than simply aggregating axioms. Hence, the emblems of partition proficonsideration from OLAP rasp from basic navigation and browsing (slicing and dicing) to cares, to balance deep analyses such as span succession and deep measureing. OLAP is a regularity of reproduce-exhibiting multi measuremental axioms. In a mental axiomsshameful the axioms is held in a correspondentize rasp, an OLAP cube can reoffer this axioms in a multi measuremental format (b) The forthcoming consideration gives a roll of the produce for 2001 for a justty contrivement collocation which has offices in incongruous portios of the UK. The axioms is the signalination of a 3 ground question in a mental axiomsbase. How could this axioms be reproduce-exhibited in a multidimensional axiomsbase? The power to reoffer multi-dimensional surveys of municipal axioms is kernel requirement of construction a "realistic" transaction measure. A multi measuremental survey of axioms collects the reason for analytical ruleing through elastic approximation to municipal axioms. Furthermore, the underlying axiomsshameful sketch that collects the multi-dimensional survey of axioms should write all work correspondent. In other articulation, the axiomsshameful sketch should: 1. not swing the emblems of operations that are legal on a given measurement or the rate at which these operations are performed; 2. Enables users to analyse axioms opporesidence any measurement at any correspondentize of collocation delay correspondent functionality and rest. 3. Support all multi-dimensional surveys of axioms in the most natural way potential. OLAP plans should as abundant as potential cloke users from the syntax of deep queries and collect dependent response spans for all queries no substance how deep. In our event the produce axioms can fit into a three-ground mental consideration, however, this axioms fits abundant balance naturally into a two-dimensional matrix, delay the work substance city and span (quarters). What incongruousiates the requirements for these reproduce-exhibitations are the queries that the end-user may ask. If the user simply poses queries relish "what is the whole annual produce for each city?" then this involves retrieving multiple values and aggregating them.