Enc 1101

  Basic Requirements: Type of match expected – Reason and Result and Comparison-Contrast Length requirements – 500 words Formatting requirements – MLA format Documentation format – MLA citations necessary Amount or form of lore expected – Minimal beyond lore necessary The nucleus of this second essay accomplish be on reason-result and similarity-contrast. You keep two options respecting the topic matter: OPTION #1 Write a reason and result essay discussing a unadorned circumstance. Be certain to nucleus on either the reason or the result of the circumstance. Also, try to nucleus your monograph on a restricted circumstance. For pattern, instead of match encircling the Second Earth War, you should nucleus on a consequence in that war, such as the invasion on Pearl Harbor. Remember to be restricted and inferential in your match. Some objects you susceptibility scantiness to meditate encircling: What was the causal familiarity that led to the circumstance? What were the ramifications of the circumstance? How is the earth incongruous bereason of it? OPTION #2 Write a similarity-contrast essay discussing the differences between the two glorious unadorned figures. Nucleus on restricted similarities and differences. Feel unreserved to use restricted patterns from incongruous spheres of influences, enjoy voice, film or erudition, but be certain that they are analogous. Some objects you susceptibility scantiness to meditate encircling: What are the backgrounds of the inhabitants? Where are they from? Discuss their achievements and accolades. What is the generally-known discernment of these inhabitants? Objectives Students accomplish exercise incongruous forms of romance strategies. Students accomplish apostrophize to the emotions of their hearers in their own essays. Students accomplish transcribe resultive importations. Students accomplish trial after a while analytical skills. Students accomplish exercise reason and result and similarity. Evaluation Criteria The most grave object is that you easily use your analytical skills in using the embezzle lively constituency. I accomplish be looking to see how courteous you apostrophize to your hearers and how courteous you force the argumentative and tender aspects of your familiarity after a while the person/place. Also, I accomplish be looking for the use of aperture and lowe?-t strategies. The mode accomplish be affected, and I scantiness to see how courteous you can localize the standards of American Edited English. I accomplish be looking to see how courteous you strengthen reason and result and similarity into your essay. I accomplish nucleus on the kind of your importation. I am not looking for close perfectness, but the essay must be readable and unreserved of unreflective errors that dissever your reader. All these criteria accomplish be considered in sslight of the Gordon Rule Rubric.