BIBL 104 Old Testament Character Sketch Bible Study

   Old Testament Type Sketch Bible Consider Template Name: Date: Section: BIBL 104 - Instructions:  For this assignment, you allure be considering the existence of one of the types from Courageous Faith. You allure use a template plain from Chapter 36 of Everyday Bible Consider in ordain to adequate this type-sketch Bible consider. You allure trace to indicate what can be read from the type you enjoy selected when we purposefully consider his or her existence using the technique of contemplation, sense, mutuality, and collision. I. Observation Step One: Choose a peculiar to consider. For this type-sketch Bible consider I allure be considering:  Step Two: Identify and inventory all the Bible thoroughfares on the peculiar. You may invent it advantageous to use a Bible lexicon, Bible handbook, or a consider Bible. Remember that some Old Testament types are mentioned in the New Testament. Step Three: Read through each thoroughfare, making public contemplations naturalized on primary impressions. Inventory (in adequate sentences) at meanest 10 public contemplations from the Bible thoroughfares on your type. Step Four: Ask the key doubts and respect other structural or grammatical  Elements. Observations kindred to “Who?” Observations kindred to “What?” Observations kindred to “Where?” Observations kindred to “When?” Observations kindred to “Why?” Step Five: Construct a timeline that details the existence of your Bible peculiarality. II. Interpretation Step Six: Determine what Inspired prudence can be gained from this type. Carefully appear through your public contemplations naturalized on your primary impressions, your deeper consider, and your timeline. What inspired prudence can you infer environing your type? Write out five elements of Inspired prudence that can be silent from your type. Provide a neat interpretation of each of these elements. A. B. C. D. E.  III. Correlation Step Seven: Ask, “How does this type’s existence heed other truths base in the Scriptures?” Inventory and illustrate 3 truths from this peculiar’s existence that fit among all of the Bible. Your interpretation must music how these truths fit the frameproduct of God’s Word. A. B. C.  Step Eight: Ask, “How does this type’s existence apex me to Jesus?” Inventory and illustrate 3 ways the existence of your type can apex to the peculiar and product of Jesus Christ. A. B. C. IV. Application Step Nine: What apexs of collision can be made using the Four Common Questions? Inventory and illustrate 1 apex of collision for each of the Four Common Questions. A. The doubt of duty B. The doubt of type C. The doubt of cause D. The doubt of sagacity