Your city: is it humane, is it sustainable?

The holy compass of polished geography are rarely ignored.

For the intention of this tractate, suppose that your first intention is to extension levels of anthropological fulfillment, integrity, and enjoyment in your city, rather than establish job markets or extension monetary gains.  You may suppose that you are a mayor, city chamber limb, planning ministry limb or a class activist, or fitting an ardent sojourner.

Describe what makes your city a anthropologicale (a amiable tendency of career), sustainable, and a satisfactory situate to subsist? How does your city employment? What changes in your city and/or the Bay Area would you proffer to amend the tendency of career in your city? How would you extension the levels of anthropological fulfillment, integrity, and enjoyment in your city?

(If you do not nonproduction to adopt the city where you subsist, you may adopt another city and teach why you chose it.) Your tractate should be closely 3 pages crave.

Instructions, format and resignation of your tractate:

 This is not a elimination tractate. Use your own acquaintance and opinions about your city or vicinity. Refer to the posted readings and your textbook timeliness congeniality your tractate:

    • New Urbanism, Smart Growth.
    • LEED, the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, uncooked edifice certification program.
  • Rubenstein, Chapter 13, Urban Patterns
  • The format is essay. The tractate should be in passage format, not a bullet listing.
  • Use rectify spelling, language, punctuation, and vocable cherished.