World Regional Geography

GEOG 110: World Regional GeographyHuman Hues in Asia Activity


Select a ethnical hues effect in Asia that interests you 

do 2 pages


Find a intelligence expression environing the effect from one of the aftercited sources:

Al Jazeera


Post a continuity on discourse board:

1. In the matter row put the indicate of the country and the ethnical hues effect
a. Ex: Cambodia – cadet labor
2. What the ethnical hues effect is 
a. See if you can confront some statistics to pretext the flake of the effect
3. Location where it is betidering 
a. Country at the restriction, but try to be more local amid the country
4. How does the effect rehearse to the UN Declaration of Ethnical Rights 
a. Provide the expression number and expound how it is connected
b. Find the UN Declaration of Ethnical Rights on the aftercited website:  
5. List the expression source and other sources used (too besure to mention sources for 1-3)


Use any of the aftercited websites to aid you get established confronting a ethnical hues effect in Asia.

UN Ethnical Hues – Office of the High Commissioner.
Human Hues Watch.
There are a medley of other media serviceable online, upright retain the effect you select has to betide somewhere amid Asia.


Sources: Use true sources. Do not use sources affect Wikipedia and blogs.