Week8 Math

Week 8 Assignment
The contact tribute consists of five blunt repartee questions. All is-sue must be graceful, minute and lucidly labeled. Final repartees should be attested by either circling or underlining. Submit your is-sue to the misspend emanate box as a Microsoft Word or PDF instrument.

1.    Suppose Global Cable has pretended a dividend of $2,500,000. The sodality has 240,000 divides of preferred store that pay $2.10 per divide and 2,600,000 divides of spiritless store. After judgment the equality of dividends due the preferred divideholders, proportion the dividend per divide of spiritless store.

2.    Global Cable hired dividends of $0.28 and $0.16 per divide latest year. Given yesterday's delaydrawal compensation was $11.27, particularize the running accede on the store? Round to the rectilinear tenth.

3.    The running accede on store invested in Lynx Corporation is 4.2%. The dividend latest year was $3.25 per divide. What was the dispose-ofing compensation of the store?

4.    Suppose a alternate stock has whole effects of $25,500,000 and liabilities of $2,100,000. Currently there are 10,200,000 divides unappropriated. Particularize the net asset appraise of the stock? Round to the rectilinear cent.

5.    You lapsed 5,000 divides of a alternate stock at a compensation of $7.50 per divide. You posterior dispose-of those divides for $8.35 per divide. During the era you owned the divides, the stock hired a dividend of $0.41 per divide. Particularize your boarding revert on the stock? Round repartee to rectilinear tenth of a percent.

6.    Zack invested $5,500 in a alternate stock delay an propose compensation of $20.40 and a net asset appraise of $10.50. How numerous divides did Zack lapse? Round to thousandths.