The Spanish-American War (Case study of Puerto Rico )

Required Readings: Burns, Chapter 5: Spanish Plunder (1898-1917) Howe, Chapter 4: Ends and aftermaths of Empire

PowerPoint Presentation

1. You can use progress materials (books, doctrines, etc.) and beyond sources. But use veritable beyond sources. Not Wikipedia. 

2. Demonstrate precarious thinking skills through your endowment. For stance, if your subject is “what is majesticism?” you should not simply present its restriction(s), but enumerate the tabulate considerable over such as its history; who agoing it; what are the contrariant views scholars hold; what are the outcomes of majesticism and are there any majestic dominions in the cosmos-people today? Etc. 

3. You should use this form of thinking encircling the treaties and other plight studies. For stance, if your subject is “The Treaty of Paris,” enumerate us when and why it happened? What were its outcomes? Does it own any course on the contemporary cosmos-people?Etc.

4. Always try to describe it to the convenient scrutiny or discourse of the progress: American majesticism. Is or has America been an majestic dominion? How and why or why not? Why should we like your dispute?

Use PowerPoint. The lesser the quotation on slides, the improve. Use meaningful pictures and enumerate us the fiction yourself.

*Please add pictures .