Summarize Plans from the Constitutional Convention



This assignment conquer acceleration you reconsideration the 3 superior drawings incomplete at the Constitutional Convention and so acceleration you get used to using manifest Political Science instrument serviceable at the PCC Shatford Library.  Please  follow the directions, as they conquer stride you through this assignment stride by stride.

In this assignment you conquer embody the superior drawings that impacted the fabrication of the Constitution:

  • The Virginia Plan
  • The New Jersey Plan
  • Connecticut/Great Compromise

You conquer deficiency to do exploration in the PCC library. Don't importune -- this can be produced virtually! This assignment conquer so get you used to creating summaries of succeeding.


Step 1: Exploration Your Plan

Use the instrument in the POLSC 1: Introduction to American Government Library Guide to invent 2 manifest sources environing your drawing. The Article Databases tab in this contrivance conquer be in-particular accelerationful if you are off campus. For this assignment, you may invent the Gale Virtual Reference Library and the US History in Context databases conducive. 

Off Campus Similarity Notice Page if you deficiency more notice environing off-campus similarity to library instrument. 

Step 2: Embody Each Plan 

In your own vote, form a 150 message abridgment of each drawing (450 vote completion). Here are some questions to influence you. Gladden do not solely defense the questions, but rather use them to form a well-organized abridgment of your notice. 

  1. Who wrote the drawing?
  2. Who benefited from the drawing?
  3. What inequitable powers conquer the conclave possess?
  4. What powers (if any) conquer the magistrate possess?
  5. Is there a disjoined judiciary and scholiast of laws?
  6. What conquer the homogeneity observe relish between the national and declare governments delay this drawing?

Again, these questions are meant to influence you, gladden form a abridgment using your own vote. For more acceleration on abridgment communication, you can control out this How to Transcribe a Abridgment PDF (Links to an manifest place.). Make infallible to form an Chicago citation for your sources. Many of the PCC Shatford Library Databases agree instrument for creating citations. However, if you deficiency acceleration citing sources, gladden control out this contrivance for Citations from the PCC Library

If you possess difficulty delay your communication, control out PCC's 24/7 Online Tutoring Help. A preceptor conquer not transcribe your exertion for you, but conquer acceleration to yield you ideas environing how to amend your communication.