reflective writing

Copy and paste the associate underneath, to arrival and flow the movie The Big Buy: How Tom Delay Stole Congress, exempt online. (Links to an manifest seat.)

Choose from one of the prompts underneath, to rejoin to

  1. Thinking encircling federalism and the how authority is nice betwixt multiple planes of synod, including the federal and narrate plane, substantiate present federal and Texas laws that govern acceptances, such as those that arrange for determining electoral processes, eligibility to enjoy-a-share in an acceptance, sacceptance methods, attractive requirements, applicant qualifications, determining when and where acceptance is held. Discuss inconsistencies and arrange some virtual illustrations to illustrate the virtual goods these could enjoy on electoral outcomes, of who is reported winner, and ultimately achieving unarculca justice of the divert mob (constituents) who accomplish be electorally associateed and impacted by the winner of a gregarious appointment.
  2. In your own impression, is re-redistricting, anteriorly the decennial census, a misdeed, established on statutory and lawful law? Or, consecrated the affection and number of narrate plane acceptances, athwart a large geography made up of an very-much demographically heterogenous population, reach it unarculcaally essential that re-mapping betwixt census’s be a cautious authority of the narrates, in enjoin to maximize figurative democracy. How could the remapping of Texas be applied to illustration and illustrate the narrate's Don't Mess With Texas, age old standing, and individualistic gregarious culture.
  3. How could you surrender an discussion that re-redistricting was not unfair, and how could you surrender the discussion that re-redistricting violated the Voting Rights Act. Despite, the Texas remapping disagreement, should the federal juridical regularity be compromised, in what Justice Felix Frankfurter named the "gregarious thicket" of follower redistricting?  Especially, gone the authority to redistrict is a authority cautious to for the narrate, and its mob. If gregarious gerrymandering is a height, should its expound be left to the voters, narrate by narrate, and magistracy by magistracy, or to the federal synod (i.e. error, law, mediation, law...what do you judge).