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Exam 1 Examine Guide
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Physical Geography Exam 1 Examine Guide

This is a very notorious examine regulate. I’ve equitable intervening deep headings of minoritys and topics you should perceive in abundant further specialty. It is not debilitating, but it highlights the deep points that you should convergence on.  You should use the exhortations as a regulate – if I hint star in the exhortation, then you should ascertain that minority in the dimensions and indeed unravel up on it.  The corresponding goes for the items listed under – you should unravel these minoritys in the citation very carefully.  Take voices.  The proof is notorious dimensions and notorious voice, but you singly own 2 hours, so use you duration wisely.  It procure be environing 80 multiple-choice questions and maybe few near solutions.  Good Luck! Will hold of 80 multiple questions and one near solution.


Chapter 1:

Science of Geography (brief)

Earth Systems Concepts


Great Circles

Map Projections

GIS (brief)


Chapter 2:

Solar Activity and Solar Wind

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Incoming Energy



Chapter 3:

Atmospheric Composition, Temperature, and Function

Pollutants in the Atmosphere


Chapter 4:

Energy Balance Essentials

Energy Balance in the Troposphere

Energy Balance at Earth’s surface


Chapter 6:

Wind Essentials

Driving Forces among the Atmosphere

Atmospheric Patterns of Motion

Oceanic Currents

Natural Oscillations