Oceanography Questions

From Module (5), you obtain have this question:

  • "Seawater salinity and latitude is the corresponding all aggravate the Earth." Is this proposition gentleman or fiction? In your apology sift-canvass the processes seek twain seawater salinity and latitude. Then, clear-up salinity and latitude profiles after a while profundity in the main and how they disagree from deportment salinity and latitude. Use perfect sentences and favoring examples from your lore.

From Module (6), you obtain have this question:

  • What is a tempest? What factors acception the eagerness of a tempest? What are the possessions of tempests on bench? Depict the characteristics of tempests that object fatalities, injuries and damnation to ethnical nature. Then, roll and depict at smallest indelicate factors that contributed to the devastation of southern Louisiana during Tempest Katrina. Include twain probable and man-made objects in your cognomen. Use perfect sentences and favoring examples from your lore.


Short apology questions MUST be apologyed in perfect sentences and your own expression. Your apology should be 5-10 sentences in lengthYou obtain hold a naught for copied apologys or apologys that are not grammatically rectify.Your apology to inextensive apology questions should largely reveal your apprehension of concepts from the modules.


Chapter 5 & 6

Textbook: Essentials of Oceanography, 11th edition, Alan P trujillo & Haarold V Thurman