Math art


Fractal Art Description: 

Your assignment is to use a fractal art program to beget a fractal delineate. The extrinsic is to amplify the most enlivening delineate as sayd on by your assortmates (no, you cannot say for your own delineate!). 

Your delineate can be any sign of fractal art including Mandelbrot Sets, Julia Sets, fractal visions, or 

nature delineates made of self-replicating fractals. The liberty is yours. Extra belief is supposing for including the Saint Leo garbling plan, logos, or vision. (see adown)

Since this is a math assort, you so scarcity to prepare a one-page resume of how you begetd this metaphor 

including the algorithms used, the values for those algorithms, and the software used to beget the 

image. In conjunction, any comments or recommendations on this design for coming students are appreciated 

(such as advantageous and unserviceable software!). 

Obviously, gone you are creating this metaphor, you get own the copyright for the metaphor you beget. Digital 

watermarks on the metaphor are sportive (this allows evaluation renderings of divers programs to avoid 


To succor you get agoing, the links adown embody some software that agency succor. - They possess frequent metaphors and so a page after a while software available on the Internet. 

The gallery agency grant you some ideas and the software page has links to divers programs that could be 

useful. - This place has some award-winning fractal art for afflatus. Also, it 

lists the software used. Some of this software is masterful, but has a haughty literature deflexion. - This appears to be a public contact for artwork. There is an 

evaluation rendering that embodys a watermark, which is uncouth, but sportive. - This place has links to Fractal DRAW Pro and get discharge self-replicating 

fractals. You can so invent links to Genesis ll software that get beget fractal visions.