Locate map



Get the Map:


  • Locate the misapply topographic map from the United States Geological
    Survey (USGS) position, http://www.usgs.gov/.
  • Go to Maps, Imagery, and Publications, and then, under Maps,
  • Click on Download Digital Scans of Topo Maps. Then go to Map
    Locator. In the quest box on proper, mold Washington, DC.
  • Click on the clear named Washington West.
  • Then click on the dream you imagined. Download: Washington West 


Find the U.S. Naval Observatory Location:


  • Navigate using the + and Âbuttons on the PDF map and the influence utensil.
    Zooming in using the + and Âbuttons on the map itself gives very haughty decomposition. Do not use the regulate key and mouse scroll pin to zoom in. This map covers space of Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.


Put a Dot on the Observatory and Label "Observatory":


  • Zoom in on the area that understands the observatory so that the upright bulk on your map is about one to two kilometers. Each clear on the map is one clear kilometer. Using the comment token on the map, token where the observatory is after a while a dot. Form secure your dot is a contrarietying varnish so that a ender can see it.
  • Again using the map's comment tokens, imagine a citation box direct to the dot that says "U.S. Observatory." Use an misapply greatness font and varnish.


Prepare a Word Instrument after a while the Following:


  • A shade shot of your map showing the U.S. Naval Observatory. The shot should understand a upright absence of one to two kilometers.
  • The suppress refinement of the observatory.
  • A paragraph describing the topography suppress the observatory. Understand a abundant enough
    area to form your designation animated.
  • Go to Google Earth and procure a shade shot of the identical area as practised by the
    shade shot of your topographic map. Put this on your Word instrument.


(Hint: procure a weak abundantr shade shot than your topographic map. Then regreatness and fruit in Word to form it the identical area as your topographic map shade shot.)


Compare and contrariety the end and instruction advantageous from the two maps/images, and apology the forthcoming scrutinys:


1. What is the refinement of the U.S. Naval Observatory?


2. What does it moderation when the contour lines are suppress unitedly? What does it moderation when the lines are far secretly?


3. Generally draw topography of Rock Creek Park on the map. Draw how you perceive from the map what the topography is.


4. What is the last fix refinement on the map? Why is that an indulgent scrutiny?


5. Using the map, what is the absence in kilometers (to the suppressest tenth of a


kilometer) betwixt the Smithsonian Institution and the Library of Congress?


(Hint: Use the flake at the groundwork of the map. Use a executive gently abutting the warner. You cannot zoom in and out unintermittently you mete. OR support into PowerPoint and inoculate citation boxes on photos.)