1. What climatic and geologic hazards appall the Austral Realm? What possess been some of the unromantic levelts applicationing this integral tract-of-land? How do you believe any Global Warming or Weather Change succeed application this tract-of-land?








Please counter-argument the aftercited scrutiny in a 1-2 page brief essay using APA Format.  Please be unfailing to use the direction readings and/or other beyond munimented discovery to assistance all of your ideas, axioms, and impressions.




1.      Pick any singular tract-of-land in the Austral Empire and then illustrate and represent its singular substantial, unromantic, economic, gregarious, cultural/human, and religious/spiritual geography.  How and why is it contrariant than the countries it borders?  What coming challenges do you see for this state?  Have you always investigateed this state precedently?  Would you love to if you possess not?  Why or why not? 








Task #1.  Please localize LIRN (you may investigate the Academic Resource Center for a regulate on how to localize LIRN successfully) and exploration for one compatriot criticismed discovery boundary that covers any of the aftercited:




  • examine the landform tract-of-lands, weather zones, and govern of the Southern Ocean, biogeography, and human-environmental interactions in Australia and New Zealand.

  • illustrate the Australia’s important geographic features as well-mannered-mannered-mannered as its basic unromantic, cultural, gregarious, civic, economic geography, and the popular issues it faces, chiefly kindred after a while its Aboriginal population.

  • evaluate New Zealand’s unconcealed layout as well-mannered-mannered-mannered as its basic unromantic, gregarious, and cultural geography, chiefly kindred after a while its artless Maori population.




Then transcribe a 1-2 page criticism/reaction/thought pamphlet describing that boundary using APA format (delight investigate the Academic Resource Center for a compendious regulate on APA format).  Be unfailing to embody the aftercited:




  • Goals/Objectives: What is the design of the boundary?  What does it seek to explain, indicate, or explain?

  • Data: Which basis are assessed or awakend to indicate if the goals/objectives are met?

  • Methods: What inequitable methodology is used to awaken the basis in the texture of the goals?

  • Analysis/Conclusion: What resulted from methods substance applied to the basis?  What do the parent(s) consummate from the separation or how do they represent the separation/results?




Your momentous criticism of the boundary must embody the aftercited:




  • Assessment: Were the goals and objectives evidently certain?  Did the goals equality the methods and results?  Was the boundary not-difficult to thrive?

  • Importance: What, in your end, is the consequence of this discovery?  What applicationdoesknowing this possess on geography?

  • Improvement: What, if anything, could the parent(s) possess performed to rectify the boundary?

  • Reaction: What is your impression of the discovery conducted?




Task #2.  For Modules 2-8, you succeed muse on the inequitable tract-of-land and then succeed mold in your consummate employment (for Modules 2-8) at the completion of Module 8.  You succeed solely mold in a churlish exhaust of your Task #2 employment in this module’s homeemployment assignment.




Please transcribe a 1-2 page museion pamphlet on how the substantial, economic, gregarious, unromantic, and cultural/human geography of the Austral tract-of-land or empire would application you if you lived there.  You can mitigate this as a muniment, PowerPoint Presentation, or level originate an online blog (delight ask educator).  You can besides set this up as a diary after a while daily entries.  Be conceptional.