Geography project ” panedemic Disease/ Zika Virus”

I scarcity acceleration delay my purbewilder on Geography. It is environing panademic illness / Zika Virus I got the outlines. 

Please I scarcity it as promptly as potential. 

Times Roman, 12, inclose cord. 




The Issue

* What is it?

* What is its geographical disposition?


The Conflict

* In what way(s) does the progeny bewilder, cause, or give to engagement?

* What is the evolutionary or developmental fact of the engagement?

* What are the original perspectives (sides) on the engagement?

* Who is complicated?

* What is at stake?

* What are the consequences / repercussions of the engagement?

* What is the confer-upon standing of the engagement?


Steps Toward Resolution

* What steps entertain been enslaved, or are substance enslaved to contravene the engagement?

* How lucky entertain they been?

* What are the pre-eminent factors contributing to the victory or insufficiency of the attempts at unravelling?


Personal Views

* What “side” (if any) are you on, why?

* What actions – do you value – would be most apt to contravene the engagement in a agreeable fashion?



* List all instrument used in investigation thus far



Be enduring that you confer-upon twain sides of the progeny as courteous as use illustrations such as maps, graphs, photos, etc…