Geography Homework






Directions: Gladden economize the LIRN Library and inquiry for one fellow reviewed reinquiry word that succeed minister as the basis for your homework this week.


·         To economize LIRN, click on the LIRN Library amalgamate, which is base at the surpassing direct agency retreat of your home page in iBoard.

·         You succeed then be directed to the Library and Counsel Resources Network.  You may be required to penetrate in the upholder identification estimate (60221) in the box and click Submit; besides, you should be directed to the LIRN database page.

·         LIRN databases rest of Infotrac, Proquest, Credo Reference, eLibrary, Bowker’s, RCLweb, and EBSCO Host.

·         Please melody that LIRN Inquiry is not a database; it is a symbol of metasearch.  If LIRN Inquiry is secretive, gladden at-once use one of the databases listed overhead.

·         For regular instructions on how to use each LIRN database, gladden scrutinize the Academic Resource Center.


Write a 2-page double-spaced Nursing Dissertation in APA format that addresses the subjoined questions:


·         Find a late geographical in of one of the immodest geographical thesiss (Spatial Theme, Areal Studies/Regional Theme, Human/Environment or Man/Land Theme, or Environmental Geography) as discussed this week by elaborationing intimation materials (readings, websites, videos) or readings assigned for week 1.  Describe this contingency examine after a while all essential and bearing geographic counsel.

·         Explain which of the immodest universe geography thesiss you admire is most bearing in today's connection?

·         Why does this examine you selected excuse your choice of that feature geographic thesis as nature most material in today's connection (this should be the largest exception in your Nursing Dissertation)?