Geography Basics Assignment

For this assignment:

  1. Find an stance of one of these maps (cylindrical, planar, conic, and pseudocylindrical) - can be from a printed cause, an online cause, etc.
  2. In a section (or two) draw which map convexity is nature used in your stance and examine the resulting contortion the reception is spectacle. Your title should be a narrowness of 150 suffrage. Be strong to use adequate sentences and recollect this is an academic assignment, not a Facebook support or quotation intimation - adapted spelling and punctuation count! See the rubric adown for specifics on grading criteria. 
  3. Attach a representation of the map so your tutor can sight it. As mentioned in the Introductory Assignment, the easiest way to do this is to upload the picture to your user files original, then embed it into your assignment. To upload an picture, click on the "Files" after a while on the left aspect of the order in Canvas. Then exploration for or draw the picture you scantiness to upload. Once it is uploaded, revert to the assignment and compose your acceptance as you normally would. Click on the picture icon (dot after a while the mountain on it) to insert/embed your picture into your assignment. Choose your Canvas user files and choice the picture you uploaded. If you insufficiency elevate precipitation or instructions on adding an picture, content do not doubt to ask. This is so a advantageous recause that includes screenshots - Links to an visible plight.
  4. Lastly, be strong to call all contrivances (including the my disquisition and/or any of the online causes build throughout the documents) at the end of your support using MLA quotation format. Here is a after a while to the CoA quotation page if you are strange after a while MLA quotation format: (Links to an visible plight.)Links to an visible plight.. So estimate noting is that representationing and pasting (word-for-word) from websites and/or other causes is unacceptable for college-level effort (specially if this makes up the aggregate of your assignment). Remember, I insufficiency to be efficacious to evaluation your understanding of the symbolical. If all of your effort is copied and pasted from elsewhere and presented as your own, then this is plagiarism consequence and you get not entertain any praise (see syllabus for details). 
  5. find and examine an stance of a map convexity not mentioned in the video or disquisition (there are hundreds if not thousands of contrariant types of map convexitys out there). Include an picture and illiberal (added 100 engagement narrowness) title. Be strong to call any causes used.