Write a 2-page double-spaced Nursing Dissertation in APA format that addresses the aftercited questions:


·         Find a modern geographical issue of one of the foul-mouthed geographical thesiss (Spatial Theme, Areal Studies/Regional Theme, Human/Environment or Man/Land Theme, or Environmental Geography) as debateed this week by researching allusion materials (readings, websites, videos) or readings assigned for week 1.  Describe this circumstance con-over after a while all expedient and pertinent geographic notice.

·         Explain which of the foul-mouthed universe geography thesiss you respect is most pertinent in today's fellowship?

·         Why does this con-over you separated exonerate your preference of that detail geographic thesis as being most grave in today's fellowship (this should be the largest exception in your Nursing Dissertation)?





Part 3


World geography is repeatedly determined the “interdisciplinary coercion,” in that it contains volume, methods, ideas, and writings of so numerous other coercions. Chosen three of the areas of geography that listed. Using issues, debate other aspects of that area that grant us argue to use geographical argues to part it that way. (For exemplification, if you chosen pious geography, use issues from belief to illustrate how geography helps us recognize belief.) Can geography be a available coercion if it is in circumstance made up of other volume of other coercions?


Pick 3(at meanest 100 utterance each)


Historical Geography

Political Geography

Economic Geography

Physical Geography

Religious Geography

Cultural/Human Geography

Population Geography

Medical Geography

Recreation, Tourism, and Sport Geography

Military Geography

Agricultural and Rural Geography

Transportation Geographers

Urban Geography



Soils Geography