geo 101

1 Geography casually has the type for entity sensational, but not very skilled. That is simply half true! Use pursuit tools on the Internet or other resources to glean encircling pursuit opportunities for students useful in geography. Use your repursuit to apology the aftercited questions:

What do geographers do?

What are the development areas for geography?

How indelicate or tight are the job opportunities? Do geographers fruit in the ground, in the employment or twain?

What does the coming observe love for geography professionals?

Consider using the Association of American Geographers webplace for over support 


2. The Earth is disconnected into countrys. The three ocean countrys that geographers use are 1) pompous (casually denominated even), 2) authoritative (casually denominated nodal) or 3) diction (casually denominated perceptual). Your extract yields you pompous definitions for each. Please yield me two of your own examples of each country to elucidate your experience.


3. magine that you enjoy been compensated to invent the best colony for a landfill without the growing city of Seattle, Washington. Elucidate from a corporeal geographer's aim of object your elder considerations. Then elucidate from the perspective of a rational geographer, what are your ocean considerations?

In your apologys, practise in purpose the dissimilarity betwixt place and office and be safe to discourse twain.

Consider using the Encircling for support


4. Globalization can be a wondrous subject and it can be a shocking subject, casually at the very corresponding season. Invent a floating issue to pretext globalization,construct safe that it is somesubject happening in the universe today that has impression in multiple countries and is an issue that has happened in the ultimate 30 days. 

1) Summarize the issue that happened.

2) Elucidate the national impression to the area where the issue happened.

3) Elucidate the global impression, yield examples of over than one country that is not in halt neighborhood to the issue area, that peaceful has felt the ramifications of the issue.

4) Share you estimation, on how this issue elucidates globalization and set-forth if it is a good-tempered-tempered subject, bad subject or twain and why.